K-Drama Reaction: Laughter in Waikiki | Episode 8

In today’s episode of Wolvie chronicles, Jun-ki (Lee Yi-kyung) makes his own mukbang channel online, aiming to raise funds to pay for his overdue credit card billing. But his audience are not satisfied with just watching him eat loads of fried chicken, they also want him to munch the bones! Ridiculous! But would Jun-ki do it? Of course, yes! Especially if they promise to give him points in return. And because gnawing bones are dangerous, Jun-ki didn’t last long before he sent himself to the emergency room. 🤦

Waikiki 8 (4)

While Jun-ki is in the hospital, my favorite housemate Seo-jin (Go Won-hee) looked for her oppa’s razor in the boys’ room because her own razor is broken. Unknowingly, Jun-ki’s channel was still online and her shaving episode was shown to the interwebz! Hahaha. They racked up thousands of bucks because of this disaster.

Waikiki 8 (1)

Cherry’s fan meeting

Aww, Du-shik (Son Seung-won) is a love struck puppy! After that incident with the bar jerk in the last episode, he grew closer to Cherry/Mal-geum (Han Bo-bae). He got some tips from Jun-ki about love confessions, but he is still struggling to speak his heart out. Cherry’s fan meeting isn’t really helping the situation, too.

Waikiki 8 (2)

I liked how he stood up for Cherry when she was reluctant during the movie shoot, but I think he went overboard with that. It even cost him a lot of money.  Desperate to pay for Cherry’s breach of contract, he asked Jun-ki for help, and you won’t believe where on earth Jun-ki led him to… a gambling center!

A bunch of weirdos

For the first time in eight episodes, I felt really upset by Jun-ki’s attitude and actions. I was so annoyed when he got addicted to that horse racing game, and lost all their money to gambling. I wanted to strangle him whenever he tried to persuade Du-shik! He even stole Seo-jin’s alms!

Waikiki 8 (6)

Speaking of alms, Seo-jin’s attempt at being fashion forward was an epic fail because she really looked like a beggar. Lol. The Tom Jones background song made it more hilarious!

Waikiki 8 (5)

Waikiki 8 (7)

Dong-gu’s secret

Dong-gu (Kim Jung-hyun) is so cute!!!!!!! I always like Kim Jung-hyun in these scenes, acting all tough and mighty when deep inside, he feels giddy and in love. Why are you always like that, oppa? 😍

Waikiki 8 (1)

Waikiki 8 (5)


My gosh, I almost died laughing during that Goblin parody! Eulachacha Waikiki, why are you like this???

Waikiki 8 (1)

LOL I don’t know what to feel about Soo-ah (Lee Joo-woo) whenever she taught Dong-gu still can’t get over her.

Waikiki 8 (3)

And that Ye-rin girl… she may be smart and pretty, but she’s pretty easy-to-get, huh?

Waikiki 8 (6)

Jun-ki really makes the best advice in this house:

Waikiki 8 (2)

Preach it, girl!

Waikiki 8 (4)

I can watch GIFs of giddy Dong-gu all day!

Waikiki 8 (2)



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