K-Drama Reaction: Hwayugi | Episode 17

To be good or turn bad, it’s your choice.

Betrayed By The Heavens

Ma-wang (Cha Seung-won) is still distraught by lies told to him by Ah Sa-nyeo (Lee Se-young). I can’t totally blame him for falling with such crookery as it was clear he was just a father longing to know the truth about his son.

Good thing, Son Oh-gong (Lee Seung-gi) was there to remind him the words he believed in came from a deceitful being. These two seem to be similar in a lot of aspects but at the same time, their actions are contrasting. Both the Bull Demon and the Monkey King were beguiled into doing their roles in the human realm. Both of them questioned why they are being “punished” like that by the heaven but they are reacting quite differently. Oh-gong is trying to follow what the deities have planned in order to save Sam Jang while Ma-wang is being consumed by his anger. He even let it control him for a bit. I hope knowing that his son is still alive would be enough for him to stay in the right lane.

Making A King

Professor Kang Dae-sung (Song Jong-ho) is becoming more greedy in every episode. He has no qualms killing people in order for him to gain power. Despite the looming destruction this character brings, I can’t help but love how this antagonist was build up from the start. From short appearances to a full-time plot device, he was effective with his designated role of making the lives of our beloved leads complicated.

A Chaebol Has Arrived

I was talking with my friend the other day about how I miss seeing Lee Seung-gi in a haughty rich guy role. You see, I started stanning him after watching Shining Inheritance. So imagine my delight when Oh-gong decided to introduce himself as the MSun owner to lure Dae-sung to his trap. The high-and-mighty Great Sage used his evil powers to appear rich and influential in the human realm in order to sacrifice himself on behalf of Sam Jang (inner-self wales). His intentions were blatantly obvious but I wonder how Jin Sun-mi (Oh Yeon-seo) herself would react to Oh-gong’s response to their deadly fate.

Maknae’s Episode Verdict

Everything in this episode feels like a premonition. Tension was palpable in each scene but it seems to be promising more in the upcoming finale. I’m hoping Oh-gong will find a way out of their ordeals and give everyone a much-deserved happy ending. And yes that includes Bu-ja (Lee Se-young) and Jeo Pal-gye (Lee Hong-ki).

Dongsaeng’s Afterthoughts

– Is Hong Hae-ah (One/Jung Jae-won) Ma-wang’s son? His the only character that doesn’t have a definite purpose. Or he’s just really there to fill our eyes with his flower boy looks? ㅋㅋ

– Is this the same valley where IU fell in Scarlet Heart Ryeo?

– I thought Secretary Ma was dead!!! I’m still lowkey shipping her with Ma-wang so it can’t happen. Should I write a fanfic for them instead? Lol.

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