K-Drama Reaction: Mother | Episode 9

Just when I thought I had cried so much as I could, this episode proved me wrong. The confrontations were heart-wrenching all thanks to the beautifully written script.

Ja-young’s story

It’s interesting that Ja-young (Go Sung-hee)’s story has striking similarities to Soo-jin’s birth mom (Nam Gi-ae)’s. Ja-young was also abandoned by her husband after giving birth and was later taken in by a man whom provided them shelter and food, who then turned into a beast. The only difference is that Ja-young turned a blind eye while Soo-jin’s Mom protected her daughter. And while it apparently dawned in on Ja-young the mistakes she’s done, Hye-na (Heo Yool) refused to go with her saying Hye-na’s already dead and she’s now Yoon Bok. Ja-young cried in disbelief and walked away. Ja-young may be really sincere with her intention, but the biggest problem is that she loves herself way more than Hye-na.

But these scenes were not the ones that made me ugly-cry. It was when Soo-jin hugged Yoon Bok and told her to cry instead of forcing a smile. Poor kid.

Family in crisis

Soo-jin’s action has shaken the entire family and they’re faced with the urgent need to resolve things. Each of the family members has something on the line and surprisingly, I understand even Yi-jin (Jeon Hye-jin)’s point about protecting her husband’s reputation and her children’s welfare. But what dismayed me was adoptive mom (Lee Hye-young)’s decision to remove Soo-jin from her family register shouldn’t she abandon Yoon Bok. First, her removal won’t simply undo their relationship. Secondly, it was her who should understand Soo-jin’s action the most because once in her life she made a similar decision.

Things becoming more complicated

Yoon Bok’s decision to leave the house will definitely get the situation more complicated. I feel sorry that she’s blaming herself for Soo-jin’s removal from her family but what can I do? She thinks (and gets stressed) like an adult. However, I’m getting increasingly worried because it puts her in a very dangerous situation especially when Seol-ak (Son Suk-ku) is just waiting for the right timing to attack her.

And to mess things up some more, Ja-young told our ever-driven detective that Hye-na was indeed kidnapped by her teacher Soo-jin.

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