K-Drama Reaction: Radio Romance | Episode 11

“I’m sure Soo-ho is your star and asset, but to our listeners, he is their precious DJ, friend, and family. Soo-ho is very precious to our radio team as well. Not because he brings in money. He himself is precious.” ~ Song Geu-rim


Ji Soo-ho (Yoon Doo-joon) is now determined more than ever to do things his way much to the dismay of his stepmom, JH Entertainment CEO Nam Joo-ha (Oh Hyun-kyung). He really wants to do both the radio show and the drama to protect Song Geu-rim (Kim So-hyun) without him knowing that CEO Nam has a darker plan other than using the photos of him kissing his lady love, and that is to blackmail the KBC Network and tear the Radio Romance team apart. This woman! She’s the very reason why Soo-ho is “rebelling” against her. Her manipulations are just too much. Is she too confident that Soo-ho won’t ever leave JH Entertainment that’s why she’s fearlessly abusing him? But what if he leaves? Doesn’t she realize that it would be a huge blow to her company?

CEO Nam triumphs in putting Radio Romance on a temporary broadcasting halt, while Soo-ho is yet to give his final nod to the drama being proposed to him. This whole situation feels like a standoff waiting for which party to back down first, and I’m afraid it will be Soo-ho once he discovers that he’s the reason why Geu-rim and the rest of the radio team are currently jobless.


But before we deal on that, let’s first appreciate Soo-ho’s cuteness as a lover boy! I don’t really mind him acting like a jealous freak or having the tendency to be obsessive because his sweetness and generosity (yes, I’m materialistic!) make up for it. I wonder where can I find myself a suitor like him who will also shower me with gifts with sweet notes in it. My heart is so happy over that scene!

The changes on Soo-ho are also surprising and elating at the same time. He and PD Lee Kang (Park Yoon) engaged in a fist fight because of Geu-rim, then they both slept at her house out of worry the other will do something to our drunk heroine. LOL. And… Soo-ho is now always on the phone checking on Geu-rim from time to time! Such a strict boyfriend in the making huh. But we are still clueless as to why he didn’t have a cellphone for a long time, plus the incident causing his friend Woo Ji-woo’s death and their seeming exchange of names still remain to be a mystery. I hope we get enlightened soon.

And though I’m happy over the positive developments on Soo-ho and Geu-rim’s romance, I can’t still go on a full celebratory mode because these developments mean heartache for PD Lee Kang. But what can we do? Humans only have one heart. 💔


If Soo-ho is busy protecting his love, CEO Nam is busy securing her company, and the Radio Romance team is busy making sure to be back on air, Jin Tae-ri (Yura) is much busier exhausting every way to remain popular. She now has the voice recording of Soo-ho saying CEO Nam isn’t his birth mom, and plans to use it to get the female lead role in Soo-ho’s proposed new drama. I wonder how did that end up on record in the first place.

You know, Tae-ri and Manager Kim Jun-woo (Ha Joon) have a huge potential to be a wonderful OTP. See how did the usually calm and composed Manager Kim panic while buying all sorts of anti-hangover medicine for Tae-ri? But this potential is always overshadowed by Tae-ri’s obsession with stardom, which is truly a pity.

P.S. So, I’m not the only who suspects Jason (Kwak Dong-yeon) to be the one sending the postcards saying Soo-ho is a murderer to the Radio Romance team. PD Lee Kang also became suspicious of him after seeing one of the postcards at Soo-ho’s home where Jason is staying. Despite this, I still have faith that Jason is an ally and not an enemy.

P.P.S. I seriously think that writer Ra Ra-hee (Kim Hye-eun) and PD Lee Seung-soo (Im Ji-kyu) have to be remarried to each other again. They’re always stuck together anyway.

P.P.P.S. I’m still not used to the fact that Kim So-hyun is already a lady that I always feel like she’s being snatched from her cradle every time she and Yoon Doo-joon kiss. In this episode, Geu-rim was the one who stole a peck from Soo-ho yet I still feel like it’s child abuse. LOL. So can you imagine how uneasy I was when Soo-ho asked Geu-rim to stay the night with him at the hotel? The eommoni side of me is showing!

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