Song Ji-hyo courted to star in Korean adaptation of Absolute Boyfriend

Song Ji-hyo (My Wife is Having An Affair This Week) has been offered as the female lead in the upcoming OCN drama adaptation Romantic Comedy King.

The drama is based on the manga “Zettai Kareshi” by Yuu Watase, or more popularly known as Absolute Boyfriend in its Japanese and Taiwanese adaptations.

Song Ji-hyo is set to play a cold-hearted heroine with previous bad love experience. She then falls in love with an android programmed to be a boyfriend.

The drama is looking at the Mondays and Tuesday timeslot on OCN.

3 thoughts on “Song Ji-hyo courted to star in Korean adaptation of Absolute Boyfriend

  1. I would loove to see Song Ji Hyo in this romcom, hope she accepts, this actress just has the ability to make people totally relate to her in her drama, full of charm, amazing chemistry promised with her, and with her breathtaking visuals we sure would be in for a treat!
    I will be hoping to see her in this drama along with a hot male actor, that would be such an amazing treat!

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      1. Sung Hoon would be an interesting choice, he totally has the visual for the role, I also reunion between Song Ji Hyo and Jo In Sung would be awesome and much awaited by fans loved them in the movie “Frozen Flower”, So Ji Sub would also be a really interesting choice to pair with Song Ji Hyo i would be curious about this pairing. You Know Song J Hyo has this modelique dollike look that makes her easily compatible with soo many guys whether maskuline or feminine looking, but i hope the Male lead they choose will have a sharp dashing look.
        (I also really hope that Song Ji Hyo and Ji Jin Hee will team up eventually, maybe not in this drama but then maybe in the next, both have killer visuals and are among my favourtie actors 🙂


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