Movie Review: Let Us Talk About Venus Talk (2014)

Is 2018 in a hurry? Because just like that, we’re almost done with the first quarter! And because March is the National Women’s Month, we’re gonna celebrate femininity and women empowerment here on K-Movie Corner with this 2014 sexy dramedy film called Venus Talk!

The movie, locally known as The Law of Pleasures, stars three of Korea’s biggest names in entertainment industry—Uhm Jung-hwa, Moon So-ri, and Jo Min-soo—as three 40-something girl pals facing various struggles in their love and sex lives. It is directed by PD Kwon Chil-in, who is known for his works that center on urban working women, and is the movie adaptation of Lee Soo-ah’s grand prize-winning entry to the 1st Lotte Entertainment Screenplay Contest. It’s also branded as the Korean Sex in the City due to some parallelism.

Fun fact: Venus Talk is actually Uhm Jung-hwa and PD Kwon Chil-in’s reunion project after previously working together in the 2003 hit movie Singles.

Now, let’s meet the three strong female characters of Venus Talk, who at some point proved they don’t need a man in order to live. Let’s start with successful TV producer Jung Shin-hye (Uhm Jung-hwa), who we can also call as the “lucky bitch.” She just recently called it quits with her long-time boyfriend, the current chief of the TV station she works for, after he cheated on her with their much younger colleague. But she didn’t even have the time to mourn her broken heart because she immediately met another TV producer, played by Lee Jae-yoon, who is over 10 years her junior! Now you know why she’s a “lucky bitch.” LOL!

The next is sexually active wife Jo Mi-yeon (Moon So-ri), whose most notable line in this movie for me is “If we don’t get sex every night, we’re not women.” Her obsession with keeping an active sex life took a toll on her husband, portrayed by Lee Sung-min, causing him impotence that forced him to secretly take Viagra.

Then we have Lee Hae-young (Jo Min-soo), a divorcee who dreams of marrying her widowed boyfriend, played by Lee Geung-young, but that dream isn’t looking good with the latter’s hesitation to remarry especially after losing his wife to cancer. And to add up to her frustration is her grown daughter, portrayed by former child star Jeon Hye-jin, who refuses to move out, hindering her desire to spend more alone time with her boyfriend.

Fun fact: Popstar BoA also makes a cameo in this movie.

Okay, I admit. I didn’t really have any expectations for this movie because I was more curious of its hot sex scenes and Lee Jae-yoon’s butt (and six-pack abs, ugh) exposure than its story. So I was surprised to discover that it’s actually more than just nudity because it definitely has a heart to offer.

The movie has this authentic vibe that will make you feel like you are personally listening to the three female characters’ rants about their love and sex lives as if you’re sitting together with them. Uhm Jung-hwa’s steamy sex scenes with Lee Jae-yoon provides the movie with exciting sexual tension, while Jo Mi-yeon’s hilarious ways to help her husband overcome impotence gives it a comical taste. But Jo Mi-yeon’s discovery of her husband’s affair and Lee Hae-young’s diagnosis of colon cancer are this movie’s tearjerker scenes that will leave you ugly crying.

The movie’s simple and easy-flowing narrative despite its melodramatic turn in the last quarter, plus the main stars’ engaging acting undoubtedly gave justice to its award-winning screenplay. I now have more reasons to rewatch this movie over and over other than Lee Jae-yoon’s butt and six-pack abs! LOL!

On a serious note, Venus Talk gave me an idea of what kind of an ahjumma I wanna be in my golden years. I hope to become anyone of these three empowered women who might always rant about life in general but in the end, will still face challenges with grace, elegance, and wisdom. Of course, with the Ahjummamshies squad as my confidants!

Final verdict: Venus Talk doesn’t only offer butts and abs, but also a heart. 4/5

~All credits for the videos/photos/stills used in this movie review go to Myung Films and Lotte Entertainment.


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