K-Drama Reaction: Radio Romance | Episode 12


I really like Ji Soo-ho (Yoon Doo-joon) and Song Geu-rim’s (Kim So-hyun) OTP. I really do. But just like what I’ve said in my previous K-Drama Reaction, it bothers me to see them getting intimate inside a hotel room because I still think of So-hyun as a teenage girl. So I’m somewhat thankful to Jin Tae-ri (Yura) for interrupting the two, but that gratefulness immediately turned to madness when she slapped Geu-rim after seeing her exiting the hotel room with Soo-ho because I don’t get what was that for.

But karma is quick because it looks like Tae-ri’s efforts to blackmail Soo-ho with his voice recording saying JH Entertainment CEO Nam Joo-ha (Oh Hyun-kyung) isn’t his birth mom would all go to waste because Soo-ho didn’t seem bothered by it. Actually, I also don’t think that the recording would be able to ruin Soo-ho nor CEO Nam should it be leaked to the public because the voice recorded in it was that of the young Soo-ho, so denying it would only be a piece of cake.

Now, what I’m truly sad about this whole blackmailing scheme is that it only delayed the realization of what could have been another wonderful OTP in this drama. Manager Kim Jun-woo (Ha Joon) was fuming with anger because he never thought Tae-ri would stoop this low to get what she wants that’s why he told her to never look for him again. Awww, I don’t know, but it ached me. I hate Tae-ri, but I still want her OTP with Manager Kim to push through maybe because I still believe that she was only forced by her obsession with stardom to do such pathetic things, and that she still has goodness in her. What do you think?


Soo-ho finally discovered the true reason why Radio Romance got off the air temporarily, and as expected, he felt bad about it. I thought this would cause a serious LQ between him and Geu-rim, but thankfully it did not. But it’s the otherwise for Soo-ho and PD Lee Kang (Park Yoon). You know, I don’t understand Soo-ho’s sentiment. He felt betrayed because no one informed him about the whole situation, but isn’t it the same with what he did when he decided to do both the drama and the radio show without consulting anyone from the team? Aish, why is it misunderstandings between men are more complicated to settle?

So in order to bring Radio Romance back on air, Soo-ho made the very bold move to leave JH Entertainment and his family. This didn’t surprise me at all because I believe people become fearless once they find that thing that they really want to do, and in Soo-ho’s case, it’s the radio. If only CEO Nam listened to Soo-ho’s plead to let him continue DJing the radio show, then things wouldn’t have to turn out this way. It’s not even too much of a request to ask for!

Now that Radio Romance is back on track, the next challenge for the team is to make it work at a not so favorable time slot: 4 a.m.!


Looks like my theory that Soo-ho and his friend Woo Ji-woo both liked Geu-rim in the past is correct! In a flashback, we saw Ji-woo asking Soo-ho to hand a love letter to Geu-rim for him, but the latter only put it inside a drawer filled with more love letters. But despite this, I still don’t believe that Soo-ho would be able to murder his friend. I also don’t think Soo-ho would try to kill himself either 12 years ago. Wait, why is it that Jason (Kwak Dong-yeon) seems to be very much interested in the events that took place in that mysterious period of Soo-ho’s life? Don’t tell me he’s Ji-woo’s secret brother or something and he’s out for revenge?

P.S. Does the ending scene that looks like a deja vu mean that PD Lee Kang will now be vocal with his feelings for Geu-rim? I’m afraid it’s already too late should that be the case.

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