Lee Jong-suk to reunite with While You Were Sleeping PD in new SBS drama

All hail the K-Drama gods for not making us wait for too long!

Actor Lee Jong-suk will reunite with While You Were Sleeping PD Park Soo-jin for the upcoming SBS two-part drama Hymn of Death.

The SBS version of Hymn of Death will not only tell the tragic fate of Yun Sim-deok, the first female soprano who gained fame in Korea, it will also focus on the works of her married lover and playwright Kim Woo-jin, which Lee Jong-suk will portray.

Lee Jong-suk agreed to star in the series without a guaranteed fee to show his love and support for short dramas and to PD Park. Bless his beautiful heart and kissable lips. ♡

We’ll keep you posted on when Hymn of Death will air and who will be Lee Jong-suk’s lucky leading lady.

<< Lee Jong-suk to possibly reunite with While You Were Sleeping PD in new drama


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