K-Drama Reaction: Mother | Episode 11

It’s the worst idea for Soo-jin (Lee Bo-young) to confront Seol-ak (Son Suk-ku) alone but I have a pretty good feeling that Dr. Jung (Lee Jae-yoon) is somewhere out there working on the sidelines. All I pray for is that Soo-jin to be able to defend herself if needed and be able to get Hye-na (Heo Yool) out there safely.

We’ve seen that Ja-young (Go Sung-hee), despite all the irresponsible that she is, displayed genuine maternal love for Hye-na in various occasions, so I’m very disappointed that she has gone evil full circle. It was heartbreaking to watch Hye-na crying as she heard her mother chose her lover over her. Worse, even allowing him to kill her. And that made me really love the phone conversation between her and Soo-jin because it felt that the latter’s genuine concern and love for Hye served as a big slap on her face.

On the other hand, I love how the writer tried to put a humane side to our evil guy Seol-ak by showing his equally heart-wrenching childhood. I believe that was not meant to justify his actions but to emphasize the significance of parents’ role in a person’s life. My heart sank at the scene where Seol-ak scolded Hye-na for crying but the child pointed out that it was him who’s crying. Hye-na has a gift of empathy that she’s able to touch the heart even of those who wanted to hurt her.

This reaction, of course, won’t be complete if I fail to throw some praises for adoptive mom Cha Young-shin (Lee Hye-young). She has continued to display her unconditional love for Soo-jin. She herself was undeniably shaken by how all the things have turned out but she continued to be the source of strength for Soo-jin who obviously wavered during tough times. Adoptive mom didn’t even think twice and prepared the ransom money in order to save Hye-na’s life. And you know what’s my favorite? That’s when she warned our forever insecure and selfish Yi-jin (Jeon Hye-jin) that she wouldn’t be getting any of the ransom money she all cared for because she’d get her removed from the family tree should she report the incident to the police.


You know the moment when you want to give a standing ovation while watching a drama because you’re blown away by how good it is. That’s how I felt watching the voice exchange between Soo-jin and Hye-na. I never expected that the ‘who’ bird and Hye-na’s favorite children’s story would be instrumental in tracing their location. I have always thought it would be the GPS tracker. Foolish me.

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