Hwang Jung-eum, Namgoong Min to pair up in new drama

After seven long years, these two stars will finally reunite!

Namgoong Min (Chief Kim) and Hwang Jung-eum (Lucky Romance) have both accepted offers to lead upcoming SBS drama, Hoon Nam Jung Eum (Handsome Guy and Jung Eum).

Hoon Nam Jung Eum will revolve around the story of a man who is a supposed love expert but doesn’t date, and a woman who seeks love but has already given up on it due to the harsh reality of life.

Namgoong Min detailed his reason for accepting the project, “I was drawn to the character of Kang Hoon Nam, an expert on the theory of love. Please expect to see another [side of me] that you have not seen before.”

On the other hand, Hwang Jung-eum cited how she felt the drama’s heartwarming story the first time she read the script. She stated, “I’m excited to start filming the drama as if I’m about to go on a trip. I want to portray these feelings of excitement to the viewers.”

This project will be the two’s reunion after starring in the 2011 series Can You Hear My Heart.

Hoon Nam Jung Eum is penned by writer Lee Jae-yoon, who worked in MBC’s 2009 seriesTamra, the Island.  It is slated to air sometime in May replacing Return and Switch: Change the World.

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