K-Culture: White Day

No matter what your opinion about Valentine’s Day is, receiving a gift from your special someone on such event surely brings butterflies in the stomach. But V-Day is only one day from a number of romantic days being celebrated in Asian countries.

So if you missed the much more mainstream Valentine’s Day, March 14 is another excuse to express your love to someone!

White Day

Fans of East Asian culture probably heard the term White Day before. The tradition of giving white chocolates one month after February 14 started in Japan and eventually spread to the neighboring East Asian countries of South Korea, China, Taiwan and Vietnam.

Unlike what Westerners do, Valentine’s Day in South Korea is observed by girls and women presenting gifts to boys or men as an expression of their love. It was then on White Day that men, who received a Valentine’s Day gift, return the gesture. These days though, most businesses market Valentine’s Day and White Day to all genders.

White Day Confession Tips from K-drama

If you’re still feeling clammy about confessing your real feelings to the person of your dream, then take some advice from this K-drama leads whose romantic confessions made a lot of fans swoon.

1. Be sincere. Just like Son Oh-gong’s (Lee Seung-gi) iconic Saranghannika confession in Hwayugi, say your sweet confession earnestly.

2. Love wholly. Who would forget the scene when Choi Han-kyul’s (Gong Yoo) finally admitted to Go Eun-chan (Yoo Eun-hye) that he loves her regardless of her gender. This is what one reason why Coffee Prince still matters more than a decade after it first aired.

3. Use reverse psychology.
Okay, technically it’s not reverse psychology per se but you have to admit that your heart skipped a bit when Kim Tan (Lee Min-ho) asked Cha Eun-sang (Park Shin-hye) if he likes her in the second episode of The Heirs. It might come off as cheesy and trite to others but it would surely catch the person you like off-guard.

4. Be right on time. I don’t think anyone would argue Kim Jung-hwan (Ryu Jun-yeol) gave us one of the most painful second lead confessions in the history of K-dramaland. He missed the right time to tell Sung Duk-seon (Hyeri) his real feelings (*insert ugly cry*).

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