K-Drama Reaction: The Great Seducer | Episodes 1-2

Hey, hey, hey! The time we will all be seduced by Woo Do-hwan has finally come! I don’t know with you, but if it’s this sexy beast, then I’d be a willing victim. LOL. Seriously, this drama is a promising one having a bunch of bright, young stars as the main cast and an exciting story loosely based on the French novel Les Liaisons dangereuses. I haven’t read the book nor watched some of its previous adaptations, Untold Scandal and Cruel Intentions, but I was told it has a provocative and dark theme, and that’s enough to make me feel excited. So, let’s go meet the main characters!

First, we have (Woo Do-hwan), JK Group’s sole grandson heir who is later on revealed to be an illegitimate, explaining the sour relationship between him and his “father.” He’s notorious for having sexy stares, making him a magnet for women of all ages and professions. For me, Woo Do-hwan fits the role perfectly. Having seen him in Save Me and a few episodes of Mad Dog, I must say that his oozing sexiness is natural! He also didn’t disappoint in these episodes when it comes to acting, so I hope he keeps it up. Moving on, Si-hyun has two best friends, his fellow rich kids, pretty Choi Soo-ji (Moon Ga-young) and playboy Lee Se-joo (Kim Min-jae).

Soo-ji is the daughter of Myoung Jeong hospital director Myung Mi-ri (Kim Seo-hyung), who abandoned her husband after he got jailed for a still undisclosed reason. Yep, her family affairs are as messy as Si-hyun’s. I can feel that Soo-ji is somewhat a nice girl, seeing how she intercepted a pervert high school teacher from inappropriately touching a fellow student, but she seems to hold grudge in her heart deeply and is fond of getting revenge. She believes that the best revenge is “taking the most cherished treasure from that person.” Woah, she sure has some angst in her! Acting-wise, I must say that I’m so far impressed with Moon Ga-young, who I first watched as Ppal-gang in Jealousy Incarnate.

Se-joo, meanwhile, is described as the “alive guilty pleasure” whose English is limited to only two words—love and se*. Truth is, this is my first encounter with Kim Min-jae and I have to say he’s quite believable in his role. Se-joo loves to party and play with girls, but I have a hunch that he likes Soo-ji, who happens to like Si-hyun, who happens to like her also. LOL. Complicated, but I know you get it.

Lastly, we have Eun Tae-hee (Joy), a smart scholar of Myoung Jeong Foundation who also seems to have a distant relationship with her parents. She’ll become Soo-ji’s target of revenge after the latter learned that she’s her ex-boyfriend’s first love. So this is how I think Si-hyun’s quest to seduce Tae-hee begins, and I’m super excited to witness how this daring love game will teach all the players involved the true meaning of love. At this early, I’m already sensing that Soo-ji and Tae-hee will become mortal rivals! I’ve watched Joy in her debut acting project The Liar and His Lover, which I also provided with a weekly K-Drama Reaction, and though I’m not very impressed with her acting there, I still have high hopes she’ll be able to pull off her role here in The Great Seducer. So, let’s see!

The first two episodes gave me some The Heirs feels to it probably because it mainly focused on the lives of uber rich teenagers and the scandals hounding the high society they are in, plus it briefly used a high school setting. I’m liking what I’ve seen so far, though I have to admit that I felt a bit overwhelmed with the nonstop scandals! From the affair of two elite high school teachers to Si-hyun’s brief intimate encounter with the mother of his schoolmate to the surprise engagement of Soo-ji’s mother to Si-hyun’s father, they’re a little too much for me for a pilot. And because of the surprise engagement, which is obviously only for convenience, Si-hyun and Soo-ji are now set to become stepsiblings! This situation would be totally fine if only the two don’t like each other. So, how are they gonna accept it? Let’s find out in the next episodes!

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