K-Drama Reaction: Mother | Episode 13

How can I write this reaction when I’m sobbing so hard right now? You guys shouldn’t watch this in public or you’ll end up looking like a mess. Okay, let’s a take deep breath and do this.

You know the saying “the calm before the storm?” That perfectly defines this episode. Soo-jin (Lee Bo-young) and Yoon Bok/Hye-na were able to spend time together in Nami Island as they thought about what to do next. They’ve stumbled a new set of Good Samaritans in the persons of a father and child who lost their wife and mother to ovarian cancer. I particularly like how Soo-jin could relate to the story of the man’s wife about her having the child amid the hardest time in her life. And what came as just an ordinary encounter turned out an opportunity to finally get to Iceland. I was nervously waiting whether or not the man would decide to turn Soo-jin and was so relieved that he helped the two escape.

AND JUST WHEN WE THOUGHT Soo-jin and Yoon Bok could finally take the boat and flee, a convoy of police came and arrested Soo-jin–which is the most painful and heart-wrenching scene I’ve seen in dramaland for years. You know the feeling that you realized it finally dawned on them that they’ve hit the end and they would be separated. I could not ask for more because the scene was perfectly shot and the actors gave their best to portray the pain of desperation and separation. Okay, I’m tearing up again.

I also love the part where the junior detective hesitated to run after Nam Hong-hee (Nam Gi-ae) and asked his sunbae (Jo Han-chul) to just let them go because he could not take to see Yoon Bok return to her biological mom and that Soo-jin had even risked her own life for the child. Of course, senior detective didn’t budge and ordered him to continue with their operation. Yes, I get it that it’s call of duty Mr. Detective, but if only the police had done a better job in handling the case right from the start, then we wouldn’t have reached this situation, would we?

Now my only beacon of hope is Hyun-jin (Go Bo-gyul) and her search for the truth. The confession of Won-hee’s mother about the murder of her child by Seol-ak (Son Suk-ku) was a strong evidence to justify Soo-jin’s action of kidnapping Hye-na to save her from being another murder case.


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