K-Drama Reaction: The Great Seducer | Episodes 3-4

Could it be possible for a love that started with bad intentions to blossom into a pure one?


The sudden engagement announcement of Kwon Si-hyun’s (Woo Do-hwan) father and Choi Soo-ji’s (Moon Ga-young) mother turned the two youngsters into emotional wrecks with Si-hyun almost hitting Eun Tae-hee (Joy) with his car and Soo-ji having a breakdown. The scene where Si-hyun tried to pacify and stop Soo-ji from hurting herself further left me with a really good impression about these two young stars’ acting. It’s so daebak.

Most people envy the rich because they think they are living the perfect life, but actually, it’s not like that. Well, at least in this drama. You see, they marry not because of love, but because of business. I think the one that Si-hyun’s dad truly loves is Tae-hee’s estranged mother based on how he observed her from a distance. Isn’t sad?

So in order to stop their parents’ marriage, Si-hyun proposed to Soo-ji the idea of marrying each other even before their parents could. Soo-ji turned it down because she doesn’t want a fake marriage with Si-hyun, but the latter insisted that it is not. So, Soo-ji challenged Si-hyun to prove his feelings for her by agreeing to her revenge plan against Tae-hee, which Si-hyun accepted. Now, Si-hyun needs to make the poor Tae-hee fall for him hard then dump her afterwards.

I want to question why Soo-ji has to go this far to validate Si-hyun’s obviously sincere feelings for her, but then I realized that she has a history of doubting people because of her messy family affairs. I’m just afraid that she might lose yet another chance to be happy with Si-hyun. Not that I’m already aboard their ship, I’m just thinking that she had already lost it once when she said no to dating Si-hyun in high school because she believes that such relationships don’t last. What if Si-hyun loses in the daring love game with Tae-hee? What if he’s the one who falls for her instead of the other way around? Would Soo-ji be able to handle the possibility of losing her chance with Si-hyun forever?


Si-hyun didn’t waste any time and started his quest to seduce Tae-hee right away by visiting her at what he thought her address and even bringing her with a bouquet of flowers. But the challenge to make Tae-hee fall in love with him isn’t as easy as it seems because of a lot of complications. For one, the supermodel mom of Tae-hee’s best friend Ko Kyung-joo (Jeong Ha-dam) thought that she’s the one Si-hyun is visiting. Seeing the guy you got intimate with at a club in front of your door holding flowers, who wouldn’t though that way?

Second, Tae-hee thought Kyung-joo got involved in a love triangle with her mom and Si-hyun without her knowing that the guy Kyung-joo likes isn’t Si-hyun but Lee Se-joo (Kim Min-jae).

Third, Kyung-joo wants Tae-hee to stay away from Si-hyun because she doesn’t want her to know about her mom and the latter’s brief intimate encounter.

Fourth, Tae-hee isn’t that naïve. She knew Si-hyun is up with something that’s why he suddenly approached her.

So what are you gonna do now, Si-hyun?

P.S. I wanna correct Si-hyun. He and Tae-hee have actually met four times already and not three. First was at the bus station after he got kicked out from their house by his father. Second was when he almost hit Tae-hee with his car. Third was at Kyung-joo’s house, and fourth was again at the bus station. But I wonder if the last two instances count because we all know those weren’t fated.

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5 thoughts on “K-Drama Reaction: The Great Seducer | Episodes 3-4

  1. Interesting…so he miscounted the number of their encounters? But he was the one who brought up the topic, “This is the third time we’ve met.” Hmmm… That’s a major faux-pas for an experienced or seasoned Lothario. It’s uncharacteristic of him.

    Do you mind if I borrow this for my blog? I’ll give you credit of course for noticing it. I might think of some weird theory about it later on. 😀


    -packmule3 from bitchesoverdramas.com

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Thanks!

    With other scriptwriters, I would automatically assume that a misstatement like that would be deliberate and integral to the plot. But with this writer/editor? Ugh. They’re so sloppy with details, they drive me nuts, too.

    I did wonder if SH had a mild form of dyscalculia. He doesn’t seem to count very well. lol.


    1. I’m often confused too while watching an episode of this series. The twists and turns twist and turn my mind literally! Lol. This got me thinking that that misstatement is probably nothing integral.


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