K-Drama Reaction: Mother | Episode 15

Woah. Did I just a cry a river again? I thought we’re past that stage of so much emotional pain but this episode managed to send me crying like a child.

Just when we thought we’ve uncovered all the secrets there were, another truth came out in the open: Yi-jin (Jeon Hye-jin) and Hyun-jin (Go Bo-gyul) were both adopted just like Soo-jin (Lee Bo-young). Mom Cha Young-shin (Lee Hye-young) and Soo-jin decided to hide it so the two would live normally without people pitying them. Yi-jin was adopted when she’s a baby while Hyun-jin was adopted from her father (yes, it’s Jae-beom) because he couldn’t singlehandedly raise her.

I truly understand where all the hurt Yi-jin’s feeling was coming from because just like what she said one of the things she’s proud of was being her mom’s biological daughter–one thing she could claim her edge over Soo-jin. Maybe she felt both guilty and embarassed that she once was keen on removing Soo-jin from the family tree not knowing she herself was also adopted. The reconciliation between her and mom was lovely to see.

It was more difficult for Hyun-jin who had to deal with two unexpected revelations. I actually like Hyun-jin for having a profound sense of understanding, someone who doesn’t let her emotions overwhelm cloud her judgment. She’s very grateful to mom but it couldn’t be helped that it’s harder to accept Jae-beom is her real father. She wasn’t always fond of him despite the obvious special treatment she received from him. I initially thought Jae-beom had an unrequited love for Cha Young-shin that it turned out more than that. It’s deep gratitude and respect for the woman who raised his daughter like it was hers.

But my favorite scene in this episode was the meeting between Soo-jin’s two mothers. My heart wasn’t prepared for the part where Cha Young-shin cried unstoppably after seeing Soo-jin’s baby pictures and baby clothing. It depicted so much unconditional love from a mother and so much happiness that she was able to take a glimpse of the childhood years of her daughter Soo-jin. Somehow, it bridged that void of actually giving birth to her.

Finally, Cha Young-shin’s death scene was the most touching one I’ve seen in dramaland to date. I was happy that she was able to spend her last hours with Yoon Bok (Heo Yool) whom she deeply regretted sendind away. I watched the scene feeling like I was really sending a loved one away. And there’s nothing more powerful than the final scene where she uttered ‘Mom’ as she finally died.


I believe this thought from Soo-jin resonates with a lot of people dealing with having to accept that their parents have to leave. For good.

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