K-Drama Reaction: Laughter in Waikiki | Episode 11

This episode gave me mixed emotions I don’t even know how to start knitting the events piece by piece.

Waikiki 11 (3)Waikiki 11 (2)

Drama-addict hyung

Soo-ah’s (Lee Joo-woo) older brother made his appearance in this hour as the UFC fighter Soo-bong (cameo by Shin Seung-hwan). He accidentally bumped into his dongsaeng at the convenience store, and because everyone is literally afraid of him, Soo-ah and Dong-gu (Kim Jung-hyun) were forced to play pretend this time as a real couple. I see nothing wrong with it at first, but when Soo-bong insisted on staying at the guest house for two days, trouble started brewing. Apparently, Jun-ki (Lee Yi-kyung) and Soo-bong had a bad history before! Hahaha Jun-ki stole Soo-bong’s girlfriend (why am I not surprised) and they all had to make up a lie that Jun-ki got struck by lightning and died! What a great scenario for a Final Destination movie.

Waikiki 11 (5)Waikiki 11 (6)

Of course, we all know they got busted in the end and Jun-ki was badly beaten up by Soo-bong! But his agony all the way to the big reveal was so hilarious! He even made himself a long lost twin brother, Lee Jun-gu! 😂

Waikiki 11 (9)Waikiki 11 (10)

Starting over again

I am really starting to see the chemistry between Soo-ah and Du-shik (Son Seung-won)! They blend so well together that they have already surpassed the Chewbacca-Wolverine ship for me! I am rooting so much for this couple’s romance line to flourish!

Waikiki 11 (1)

Finally, Soo-ah’s swindler ex (Seol Jung-hwangot arrested this time, because I don’t want Soo-ah’s bad past to be dragging anymore. I want her to start rebuilding herself and I’m glad that this realization happened in this episode. Of course, thanks to Du-shik channeling his inner Bruce Lee in that infamous finger jab!

Waikiki 11 (1)

Yoon-ah’s trust issues

I don’t know about you but I admire Yoon-ah’s (Jung In-sun) firm stance against falling in love again. It’s clear that she likes Dong-gu, too. No doubt about that. But just like what Soo-ah said before, her scars were so deep that it would be hard to break down the wall that she created for herself. She is afraid to get hurt again, especially now that it’s not all about her anymore. She has Sol to protect and she can’t afford to be broken twice.

Waikiki 11 (11)Waikiki 11 (12)Waikiki 11 (13)

I just hope Yoon-ah will soon realize that it’s perfectly fine to open her heart again. This all boils down to Dong-gu’s readiness and maturity. I just hope he stops playing around anymore and woo Yoon-ah properly. Stop acting like you don’t care about her, you clueless pup!

Although I’m still cheering for this OTP, I just can’t help but feel a bit disappointed by Yoon-ah’s actions when she left Dong-gu alone at Hyun-joon’s house! Like girl, why would you do that to two strangers, not to mention one is injured and the other one likes you? WHYYYY

Waikiki 11 (23)Waikiki 11 (24)Waikiki 11 (25)

Selfish jerk

The most disappointing person in this episode goes to Jun-ki! I have professed my full support to him and Seo-jin (Go Won-hee) for 10 episodes already, but I don’t know if I’m still up to protect this ship. I already know how self-centered Jun-ki was based from his over-the-top antics and never-ending lies, but this one is just too much for me to handle. I still appreciate all of Jun-ki’s previous efforts to help Seo-jin, but setting her up with some stranger without her consent? Dude, that’s just wrong in so many levels. How about some respect for your friend’s sister, right?

Waikiki 11 (21)Waikiki 11 (20)


This is the most awkward situation in K-drama history:

Waikiki 11 (2)

Soo-bong watching Misty is me watching Misty. Who the hell really killed Kevin Lee???

Waikiki 11 (7)

Can I also earn a living by reviewing dramas and variety shows, please?

Waikiki 11 (4)

Du-shik got some wise words about writing:

Waikiki 11

The cameos kept pouring in! This time it’s Tae In-ho as a hearing-impaired assistant PD

Waikiki 11 (18)

Sol is the only person who lights up my life right now.

Waikiki 11 (16)Waikiki 11 (15)

YAAASSS TO MY KWEEN. I love how Seo-jin got the balls to confess her feelings first! I wonder what’s with the Kang siblings and their impulsive love confessions??

Waikiki 11 (26)Waikiki 11 (1)



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