K-Drama Reaction: Laughter in Waikiki | Episode 12

Forget all the disappointments in the last episode because it’s time to rejoice!!!! I feel so elated after our dear hardworking Jun-ki (Lee Yi-kyung) finally landed a role in a big-time drama. Congratulations, Jun-ki!!!!

Waikiki 12 (6)Waikiki 12 (7)

What a plot twist! I did not see that coming! Last episode, Jun-ki made a SNS account to connect with his fans. He was roasted badly by his housemates because he keeps on updating his social media accounts with pictures when he has no followers. LOL. BUT suddenly, a user @junki_love_ popped up in his comments section and bombarded his pics with messages of support and love. I thought this was all just Jun-ki’s doing! Who would have thought that the “avid fan” was Seo-jin (Go Won-hee) all along? Awwww, thoughtfulness runs in the family!

Waikiki 12 (14)Waikiki 12 (17)Waikiki 12 (18)

I was also surprised by the development in Chewbacca and Wolverine’s love line, but I am not complaining! I have seen the good and bad side of this ship, and it’s safe to say that I am still rooting for them. Good job to Jun-ki for at least giving the relationship a try even though I know it’s so hard to date your friend’s dongsaeng. It’s so funny, yet it’s so real. It’s really hard to just set aside all those years they spent growing up together. They even shared razors! Seeing a young Seo-jin from Jun-ki’s imaginary POV was epic. 😂

Waikiki 12 (20)Waikiki 12 (21)Waikiki 12 (22)

From Sokcho to Seoul real quick

I love Dong-gu (Kim Jung-hyun) so much! (No, actually I love the Kang siblings so much!) He can be over-the-top/overreacting sometimes, but he is definitely sweet and caring. He wears his heart on his sleeves, and every time he falls in love, he falls hard. I admired him so much for his effort in travelling back and forth from Sokcho to Seoul just to see Yoon-ah (Jung In-sun). Sokcho is approximately 2 and a half hours away from Seoul or more. Even his one-hour break was all dedicated to seeing a glimpse of Yoon-ah. Can I order 1 Dong-gu, please?

Waikiki 12 (9)Waikiki 12 (10)

Soo-ah talking with Yoon-ah

No matter how bad I get disappointed with Soo-ah’s (Lee Joo-woo) poor studying efforts, I still liked her in this episode. She genuinely cares for Dong-gu, which means she would always be on his side no matter what. And since Yoon-ah is definitely clueless about Dong-gu’s efforts, Soo-ah took the chance to tell her everything – from the Sokcho journey to Dong-gu’s coat gift.

Waikiki 12 (12)Waikiki 12 (13)

Dragging love triangle

No hate, but this is just one of the most dragging love triangles ever. Don’t get me wrong, I still love all three characters, but I just feel like the love triangle was a bit forced. It’s pretty obvious that Dong-gu and Yoon-ah like each other, though Yoon-ah doesn’t really realized it yet. The antics were all funny, but they just don’t jive with each other. Yoon-ah has chemistry with both Hyun-joon and Dong-gu, but those two guys together? Uhm, not so. The entire Gonggi battle so dreading, I wouldn’t have survived it if not for glimpses of Sol.

Waikiki 12 (19)Waikiki 12 (25)


Find a man who would travel miles away just to eat sundae with you. 😍

Waikiki 12 (11)

I love how Du-shik (Son Seung-won) goes for the extra mile just to teach Soo-ah! I lost it when Soo-ah justified her Math mistake!

Waikiki 12 (15)Waikiki 12 (16)

Savage Jun-ki is savage.

Waikiki 12 (3)Waikiki 12 (4)

We all become Soo-ah at some point in our lives, or is it just me?

Waikiki 12 (1)Waikiki 12 (2)

Protect Du-shik at all costs.

Waikiki 12 (5)

OMG Why do I feel like this show is about to give us cameos of Man to Man cast members? Now, it’s Kim Byeong-se! He played as the veryyyyyyy talkative announcer whom Jun-ki had to interview for some inspiration on his character. Can we have PARK HAE-JIN to cameo next, dramagods?

Waikiki 12 (8)

Ahh these two continue to melt my heart. I really admire the boldness of the Kang siblings when it comes to protecting their love.

Waikiki 12 (23)Waikiki 12 (24)

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