K-Drama Reaction: The Great Seducer | Episodes 7-8

“I think… I like you already.” ~ Eun Tae-hee


Omooo. I didn’t expect they would give us a kiss this early! And please take note, it’s not just a peck, but a REAL kiss! I’m ecstatic over this development, but don’t you think it’s a bit too fast for Eun Tae-hee (Joy) to already give in? I thought she’s supposed to be someone who isn’t fond of dating then why she’s confessing her feelings to Kwon Si-hyun (Woo Do-hwan) already? But if I was her, I’d probably confess much, much earlier. LOL. I couldn’t blame her completely because who wouldn’t swoon over the hot and sexy Si-hyun who sweet talks to her all the time and is always willing to give her a helping hand?

But the sad reality is that Si-hyun only approached her because of a bet to prove his feelings for Choi Soo-ji (Moon Ga-young) whom he offered marriage. I feel so bad for Tae-hee because I’m very sure that her heart will be shuttered into a million pieces once she learned about it. But I think Si-hyun will also have his heart broken once everything is revealed because just like Soo-ji, I can feel that he is starting to genuinely worry and feel guilty towards Tae-hee. One proof is Si-hyun’s sincere care for Tae-hee after her scheduled move to the Myoung Jeong Dormitory was cancelled by Soo-ji. Poor Tae-hee. She has to endure all of this just because of Soo-ji’s absurd revenge plot against Lee Ki-young (Lee Jae-kyun).


I can sense that Si-hyun’s dad and Tae-hee’s mom love each other so much, but there are many complications hindering them from being together. Si-hyun’s dad is set to marry Soo-ji’s mom for business purposes, while Tae-hee’s mom is more worried about her already sour relationship with her daughter.

I somehow pity Soo-ji’s mom because of her one-sided love for Si-hyun’s dad. But she knows very well that her marriage to Si-hyun’s dad is all for convenience and nothing more so my unsolicited advice is for her to get a hold of herself or else she would just end up hurting more. Soo-ji also needs to understand that her mom has to take responsibility of her own heart especially that the latter is fully aware of the conditions of her impending marriage to the Kwon family. So I think Soo-ji needs to stop acting roughly towards Si-hyun’s dad.

Soo-ji also needs to brace herself because it seems like she’s going to experience the same fate of her mom in the love department. But I can’t fully sympathize with her knowing that it was also her who chose this path. She’s the one who opened the love opportunity between Si-hyun and Tae-hee so there’s no one else to blame but herself.

P.S. So, Si-hyun’s mom died of a car accident, but why it was not on record? Something smells fishy here!

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4 thoughts on “K-Drama Reaction: The Great Seducer | Episodes 7-8

  1. I also felt that Tae Hee’s confession of love came way too fast as her character is supposed to be “cold shouldered”. All it took was one drawing of a forsythia blossom on a bowl for an old lady and she caved like a ton of bricks. I thought Shi Hyun was going to have to work way harder and way longer to get to this point with Tae Hee. To be honest, I’m a bit disappointed because I was looking forward to seeing the push-pull play out. Also, a long push-pull is actually truer to the original source novel. We’re only 4 hours into a 16 hour drama, so I’m wondering how writer will fill the remaining 12 hours of story to come.

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    1. I also want to see more of that push and pull between Si-hyun and Tae-hee. Let’s see how writer-nim is going to fill in the remaining 12 eps. It’s gonna be challenging for sure!


    1. Hello, Amalia. 😊 Sorry for the delay on K-Drama Reaction, I’m kind of zoning out a bit due to the Holy Week. Please visit again after a few days. Thank you so much for reading! 😍


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