Park Sung-woong, Go Ah-sung cast in OCN’s Life on Mars remake

Park Sung-woong (Man to Man) and Go Ah-sung (Radiant Office) are cast in the upcoming OCN remake of BBC’s police procedural series Life on Mars co-starring Jung Kyung-ho (Wise Prison Life). 

Life on Mars is an upcoming crime drama about police officer Han Tae-joo who wakes up as detective in 1988 after being involved in a road accident.

Park Sung-woong will appear as Kang Dong-cheol, the veteran section chief who will become Jung Kyung-ho’s supervisor in 1988. Ko Ah-sung will play Yoon Na-young also in the year 1988.

Life on Mars is set to premiere in June taking over OCN’s Saturday and Sunday time slot after Mistress.



<< Life on Mars remake offered to Park Sung-woong, Go Ah-sung
<< Jung Kyung-ho cast in OCN’s remake of Life on Mars
<< Jung Kyung-ho offered OCN’s remake of Life on Mars


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