K-Drama Reaction: My Ahjussi | Episode 2

“No matter how nice a person is, there’s one thing that nobody can forgive. Seeing someone who should be below you getting ahead of you.”

~ Director Park Dong-woon (Jung Hae-kyun)

My Ahjussi Episode 2 tells us how things blew up after Lee Ji-an stole the bribe money which was mistakenly delivered to Park Dong-hoon. One character caught my attention in this chapter by showing how powerful a bright mind is. But first, let me share what Ji-an did to the dirty cash and how it ended up in the trash.

There’s Cash in Trash

Ji-an tried to cut off Lee Gwang-il’s shackles by paying off her debt. But for what ever reason there is underneath the heavens, this handsome loan shark won’t just let her off the hook.

He instructed his minion to stall Ji-an while he was on his way to their office by refusing to issue a receipt. Being the resourceful girl that she is, Ji-an created a scene and was able to take back the money and slip out of the office without being seen by Gwang-il and his guy.

The Stoic Agassi seeked the help of Choon-dae, the janitor (I’ll stop calling him “Lifer” now, shout out to my fellow Wise Prison Life fans!), to make it appear that Dong-hoon threw out the money in the trash. The cleaning guy then surrendered the cash to a security personnel.

The Bright Park

It’s hard to go against smart people because they will always be one step ahead of you. This is what the second episode of My Ahjussi proved to us. Let’s take a peek at the three scenes that made me bow to the sharp-witted Director Park Dong-woon.

While thoroughly investigating the bribe issue and knowing that he could be the target of it, Director Park instructed the security and inspection team to keep it a secret that the bribe money is already in their hands. Upon seeing the note, he also realized that someone was trying to get Dong-hoon to take the bribe and that he did not initiate it.

At the board meeting, Director Yoon was firm in putting all the blame to Dong-hoon and halting the investigation. Director Park, on the other hand, raised the issue that the e-mail mentioned that he was the one who got the bribe. Director Yoon tried to reason out that Park Dong-hoon and Park Dong-woon can easily be mixed up. But the sharp Director Park silenced him by saying that the report clearly stated “director” and not “manager.” The shock on Director Yoon’s face is just priceless, ha!

Director Yoon tried to lie to Director Park’s face yet again by telling him that Dong-hoon confessed to him. He even insinuated that Dong-hoon has the money since he knows he’s gonna be fired. Director Park played dumb at first and surprised his colleague by showing the 50 million won with its original envelope and note. Director Yoon gave a lame excuse that Dong-hoon threw it in the trash after the probe started but Director Park fired back that the manager put it in the garbage the day he received it.

Director Park continued his assault by asking Director Yoon why he’s so desperate to get Dong-hoon fired and that he knows he’s working with CEO Do Joon-young, who is aiming to get the favor of the ailing chairman to get the majority of the company stocks. Director Yoon threatened Director Park that he’ll tell him on the CEO, but Director Park was unfazed and told him, “Yeah, do so.” Such a bad-ass!

Director Park is obviously no hero nor is he trying to do what is right. He’s clearly doing it for himself and to take CEO Joon-young out of the picture, but nevertheless his actions saved Dong-hoon from losing his job. I’m looking forward to see how he will continue to be entangled in Dong-hoon and Ji-an’s fates.

Hyung and Dongsaeng’s Love

I don’t know why but I just found it endearing how Sang-hoon and Ki-hoon got mad at Dong-hoon after finding out what happened and even fought with each other, but then painstakingly waited outside the subway to help look for Ji-an.

They might looked like creepers scanning the ladies exiting the station but it proves how strong their brotherly bond is.

The Curious Case of the Stoic Agassi

I’m both confused and excited how Ji-an and Dong-hoon’s connection will continue to develop, especially after making a deal with CEO Joon-young that she’ll get both Director Park and Dong-hoon fired for 10 million won each. I’m curious why she only asked for 20 million won when she could have demanded for more specially after finding out that CEO Joon-young is the lover of Dong-hoon’s wife. I mean, she already had 50 million won in her hands, Dong-hoon has no solid evidence that she took the money, there is no CCTV footage as well, she could get out scot-free, so why?

Tipsy Findings

Here are some behind the scene pics of My Ahjussi cast members.

I’m not used to smiling Ji-an, haha.

Actor Park Ho-san with his on-screen wife Jung Young-joo (Jo Ae-ryun)

IU 😀

My Mister Episode 2 ended with Dong-hoon thanking Ji-an for what she did, not knowing that it wasn’t her plan to save him. I’m wondering how the story of healing will evolve specially after Ji-an’s deal with the CEO. Guess we’ll find out in the next episode.


PS: Why does halmeoni always have this heart-wrenching look on her face? Damn, the ninjas are cutting onions on my face again. 😥

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