Come Here and Hug Me unveils complete cast

All is set for MBC’s upcoming series “Come Here and Hug Me” with new cast members expected to bring more color to the drama.

Jang Ki-yong (My Ahjussi) and Jin Ki-joo (Misty) will top bill the series, which the story of a man and a woman whose fates will be connected by a murder case. This is the first series where Ki-yong and Ki-joo would be the leads. The model-turned-actor will play the character of policeman Chae Do-Jin while Jin Ki-joo’s character is a popular actress who tries live a happy life despite losing her parents when she was young.

Veteran actor Heo Jun-ho (Ruler: Master of the Mask) has earlier been confirmed as one of the major characters. Joining him is Yoon Jong-Hoon (Return), Kim Kyung-Nam(Prison Playbook), Kwon Hyuk-Soo (Circle: Two Worlds Connected), Seo Jung-Yeon (Something in the Rain/Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food), and Choi Ri (Laughter in Waikiki).

Child actors Nam Da-reum (Radio Romance) and Ryu Han-bi (Live Up To Your Name) will play the younger version of the main characters.

Come Here and Hug Me is slated to air this May on MBC’s Wednesday-Thursday timeslot after Han Hye-Jin and Yoon Sang-Hyun’s melodrama Let’s Hold Hands and Watch the Sunset.

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