K-Drama Reaction: Switch | Episodes 3-4

The title makes more sense now.

His Expectations

The game of pretend has started. Sa Do-chan (Jang Geun-suk) thought he could easily get away from Oh Ha-ra (Han Ye-ri) but she’s smarter than we gave her credit. She somehow managed to string him along with her plan while the real Baek Jun-soo recuperates. This resulted in scenes filled secondhand-embarrassment because of Do-chan’s difference to the prosecutor he is meant to copy. I have the same reaction with Ha-ra whenever Do-chan said something out of character that might have gave them away. But all is good… for now.

What He Really Gotten Into

Base on how Ha-ra offered their deal, Do-chan probably thought he’d play a prosecutor puppet for a week. What he didn’t know is that his life would be put at risk because of the case Jun-soo is handling.

I can’t help but compare this series to While You Were Sleeping since that is the last K-drama I’ve watched with prosecutors. I know, I know, these are two very different series. I would just like to point out that Switch is dealing with more of the real world stuff than that Lee Jong-suk series. I was about to kid about the fact that Jun-soo’s office is on the higher echelon than the Seoul Hangang District where Lee Jong-suk worked. But I realized it’s not something to joke about. It might look overly dramatic with all those scripted underground meetings but it really happens in real life. It is the darker side of this country that outsiders like me that don’t often see.

I think Do-chan might have realized the complexity of what he has gotten into when he saw what happened to the kid’s mother. He might be a con artist who tricks people for a living but he’s the kind of man who takes vow seriously. I like seeing this side of him, it draws me more into his story.

Maknae’s Episode Verdict

I have to be honest that I thought the pilot episode was a bit mediocre compared to the other K-dramas I’ve watched. It didn’t have the instant attachment I felt to fast-paced-with-explosives-everywhere kind of series. The follow-up episode is much better as it explained what the real premise look like. The conflict they dropped was a bit scarer and larger than what I thought it was. It caught me off-guard and the feeling it gave was the good kind of jitters.

Switch, I think, would be the other kind of K-drama – that kind where the audience was slowly being drawn in and they won’t notice until they were so deep into it they can’t escape. I’m hoping I’m right though.

Dongsaeng’s Afterthoughts

– It really gives me the creeps whenever Jung Woong-in plays the evil guy.

– This is how I look while watching K-drama in my office:

– I already like Oh Ha-ra’s Omoni!

– This reminds me of his A.N.JELL stint ㅋㅋ

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