K-Drama Reaction: The Great Seducer | Episodes 11-12


I can’t stand Choi Soo-ji’s (Moon Ga-young) antics anymore. It’s so difficult to understand what she really wants to happen. She used Kwon Si-hyun’s (Woo Do-hwan) feelings for her to get him involved in her revenge plot against her ex-boyfriend, but she’s acting so jealous with the thought of him getting close with another woman.

I can’t get why Soo-ji had to tell Eun Tae-hee (Joy) that she and Si-hyun like each other, but they had to act like siblings because of their parents’ impending marriage. Is it because Soo-ji wants Tae-hee to back off and leave Si-hyun alone? But I thought she wants Tae-hee to fall madly in love with Si-hyun as part of her revenge plot? Can she please make up her mind?

Now, if Si-hyun falls for Tae-hee for real, then this might be the price Soo-ji has to pay for starting an absurd revenge plot and dragging innocent individuals in it.


“I want to take photos of you. Why don’t you? Why won’t you hold my hand first? Why make me wonder if our first kiss was a dream? Why do you rush over when Soo-ji calls and forget the plans we made? Why do you make me ask such questions?” ~ Tae-hee

I really like Tae-hee’s character. She’s sincere, straightforward, and brave. Hats off to her for being able to summon all her strength and stop whatever is going on between her and Si-hyun even though it hurts like hell. She knows what she wants and what she deserves, and she’s fighting for it. She made it clear to Si-hyun that she wants to be his girlfriend, but she doesn’t like guys who are being vague so it’s better to stop now. Go girl! It’s the right thing to do. We should never lower our standards or else we’ll be taken for granted. If Si-hyun really likes you, he has to be firm about it, and make you feel it. So the ball is now in Si-hyun’s court.

I also like that Tae-hee put Lee Ki-young (Lee Jae-kyun) in his place. This guy’s arrogance is so annoying, I can’t wait for him to go downhill.

My heart ached a little over Tae-hee and her dad’s conversation about the latter’s lingering feelings for Tae-hee’s mom despite the fact that it’s only one-sided. If it’s true that Tae-hee’s mom only used Tae-hee’s dad to mend her heart broken by Si-hyun’s dad, then Tae-hee really has all the reasons to be angry at her. Seeing how Tae-hee’s dad still speaks of his wife with so much fondness despite her leaving him only makes my heart ache more.

P.S. I’m dying to know whether the vehicular accident that killed Si-hyun’s omma has something to do with Tae-hee’s traumatic accident. Hoping to see more clues in the next episodes!

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