K-Drama Reaction: Laughter in Waikiki | Episode 17

It’s Dong-gu (Kim Jung-hyun) and Yoon-ah’s (Jung In-sun) first day as a couple, and our hero couldn’t be any happier! But Yoon-ah seemed to be not thrilled at all. Du-shik (Son Seung-won) and Jun-ki (Lee Yi-kyung) also weren’t really helping Dong-gu enjoy his new relationship as they were busy brainwashing him that Yoon-ah was regretting her decision of getting together with him. Hahaha

Waikiki 17 (10)

Disastrous first date

I was annoyed at Yoon-ah at first because she seemed so uninterested for someone who just got into a relationship. Like where is the Yoon-ah who did aegyo just last night? Poor Dong-gu spent all day thinking Yoon-ah might want to break-up with him. Good thing all is well between our new couple before the day ends. Dong-gu melts my heart when he cried in front of Yoon-ah!

Waikiki 17 (2)

Waikiki 17

Du-shik’s first girlfriend

I was quite disappointed with how Dong-gu and Jun-ki reacted to Du-shik’s failed relationship with their beautiful guest Angela from Ukraine. I know Angela was pretty and she’s definitely a catch, but instead of being genuinely happy for their friend, Dong-gu and Jun-ki were jealous of him. These two have their respective girlfriends already, why on earth would they be jealous of their single friend? It’s just very inappropriate.

Waikiki 17 (2)

I knew Du-shik’s relationship with Angela was doomed since the beginning, but because of Dong-gu and Jun-ki’s reaction, I was honestly rooting for this relationship to flourish. Too bad Angela was never meant for Du-shik.

Waikiki 17 (3)

From frenemies to gal pals

If there is one friendship in this house that I’d like to see more often, it’s Seo-jin (Go Won-hee) and Soo-ah (Lee Joo-woo). They are frenemies from the start. Seo-jin had always been vocal about her disapproval of Soo-ah as her oppa’s girlfriend before, and until now these two always bicker. It’s a good thing that the show gave these girls a moment to bond, even if it caused Seo-jin’s bangs to disappear. LOL.

Waikiki 17 (8)

Waikiki 17 (9)

I have always loved how Soo-ah always stands up for the  underdogs. Maybe because she watched too much Misty that she acquired Go Hye-ran’s dream of realization of a just society? (it’s even Soorgio Armhany’s vision lol) Anyway, Soo-ah is like your neighborhood super girl whom you can always count on to stand up against the bullies in your life. What she did with Seo-jin’s abusive and power-tripping sunbae was daebak!

Waikiki 17 (4)

Missing Sol

This week’s cameo was Kim Gang-hyun as a house husband who attended the same child care center workshop as Du-shik and Jun-ki. The two weirdos initially went to the workshop to check out the instructor, who was soooooo pretty at the promotional posters! Even I was surprised to see an ahjumma as their instructor! Hahaha

Waikiki 17 (6)

Waikiki 17 (7)

Anyway, the misadventure isn’t over yet as Jun-ki unintentionally got the wrong baby when they were about to go home! Hahaha. They switch Sol to Gang-hyun’s character’s baby! The hilarious mission of getting Sol back took off…

Waikiki 17 (1)


Dong-gu is a scaredy cat at the Viking ship

Waikiki 17 (3)

Soo-ah trying to blend in with the humor of Du-shik and Jun-ki. LOL

Waikiki 17 (1)

Waikiki 17 (2)

Is the show hinting us about the Du-shik and Soo-ah ship? It’s overdue!!!!

Waikiki 17 (4)

Waikiki 17 (5)

Soo-ah/Du-shik/Sol 1 – Jun-ki

Waikiki 17 (1)

Waikiki 17 (3)


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