K-Drama Reaction: Laughter in Waikiki | Episode 18

Let’s talk about the real problem with Waikiki. I loved this show so much and I always look forward to watching it every week, but my growing concern is that the show already took so many turns that it lacked substance anymore. When the drama started, I was excited to see how Dong-gu (Kim Jung-hyun), Jun-ki (Lee Yi-kyung), and Du-shik (Son Seung-won) would blossom from being the three broke losers to the rising stars of their respective chosen dreams.

While we saw Du-shik try out his luck in the movie industry as an erotic movie script writer and as a passionate web novelist, and also witness Dong-gu start fresh in a directorial team, I don’t really see any progress in any of their story lines as far as their dreams go. Jun-ki was the only one growing as an actor, and now with the possibility of him signing with a major agency. I want to ask the drama’s writer what’s the plan for Du-shik and Dong-gu? Are they even going to make it? Will they be able to film their own movie? What’s the drama for anyway? Just your weekly dose of sitcom? I know the drama is fun, but I also want to see my heroes succeed in their dream careers and not just in their respective love lives.

Waikiki 18

The Real Sasaeng

Jun-ki’s got a fan! Jin-joo (Ryu Hye-rin) makes her appearance in Jun-ki’s life as a stalker-fan who sneaks inside the guesthouse and watches him sleep. She was creepy at first, but because Jun-ki was so elated about his first ever fan, he ignored all the eerie acts and even became obsessed himself. He even reached the point of sending a barrage of calls and texts to Jin-joo and trespassed in her house! Hahaha. Oppa, why are you more scary than a sasaeng?

Waikiki 18 (1)Waikiki 18 (2)Waikiki 18 (5)

Let’s play a game, a love game

I think Soo-ah (Lee Joo-woo) likes Du-shik for real now, although she does not realize it yet. They complement each other perfectly. Soo-ah protects Du-shik from bullies, and Du-shik follows whatever Soo-ah says. LOL. It’s fun watching Soo-ah struggle from the consequences of her actions though. She was trying so hard not to like Du-shik. She even helped set him up with her friend, but ended up ruining everything for him when he wanted to confess. Girl, wake up before it’s too late!

Waikiki 18 (3)Waikiki 18 (8)Waikiki 18 (6)

First kiss

I think Yoon-ah (Jung In-sun) was mistaken. This episode’s kiss was not her first kiss with Dong-gu. They kissed during their fake wedding! Or maybe she meant that it’s their first official kiss as a legit couple? I can’t really tell, but I liked how this kiss happened! I was really itching for it after watching Dong-gu and Yoon-ah struggle! I wanted to scream at Yoon-ah to stay still and stop laughing. I can’t help but think how did she ever manage to conceive Sol without laughing so hard, but can’t even stay still with just a simple kiss. Good thing she was the one who made the final move after all the frustration.

Waikiki 18 (7)

Waikiki 18 (2)

Love or career?

As I said earlier, Jun-ki is the only person in this drama who is living the dream right now. He is on the rise as a promising actor, became a regular cast member in a good drama, and now, the opportunity opens for him to sign with a major agency. But seems like this dream won’t be fulfilled without a price as he has to sacrifice his time with Seo-jin. I know it’s really hard if I was in Seo-jin’s shoes, but can’t every single girlfriend in this entire universe just be more considerate of their men? Would she be happy if Jun-ki chose her over his dream and end up as a nameless extra in every drama project?

Waikiki 18 (1)


This b*atch is always getting upset with Du-shik! I want to pull her hair! Girl, stop playing mind games and tell him what’s making you mad! He is totally going outside his comfort zone just to win you over!

Waikiki 18 (1)


Waikiki 18

Elizabeth is so cute!!!!

Waikiki 18 (2)

I’m going to miss this little muffin when the show ends. Also, who’s cuter? Sol or Dong-gu for teaching her the word “appa?” Hahahaha

Waikiki 18 (3)


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