K-Drama Reaction: The Great Seducer | Episodes 17-18

Oh, my poor heart. I was so happy during the first half of these episodes only to get hurt in the last minutes. Why are you doing this to me?!?


Hmmm… I almost want to believe that Eun Tae-hee (Joy) isn’t that naïve and innocent at all because the situation made it look like she planned everything to end up spending the night with Kwon Si-hyun (Woo Do-hwan). First, she didn’t want Si-hyun to bring his car to their trip, then she made him drink makgeolli (rice wine) ’til they both dropped. You naughty girl! But what I’m dying to know is whether they really do ‘it’ or not? *blush blush* I’m so curious because the intimacy and Si-hyun’s tiny kisses on Tae-hee are killing me! I also couldn’t help but laugh when he suggested to Tae-hee to stay one more night together at the place. HAH!

But their happiness is abruptly wiped out, well at least for Si-hyun, when Tae-hee told him about the hit-and-run accident she got involved in two years ago. Probably because the circumstances are the same that’s why Si-hyun ended up thinking that Tae-hee is that student who almost died after getting hit by his mom’s car. I’m also thinking of this possibility, but I have a feeling that there’s a foul play somewhere in that fatal accident. I don’t know, but my gut tells me that President Myung Mi-ri (Kim Seo-hyung) has something to do with it.

Si-hyun also discovered in these episodes that Tae-hee read the DNA results that he handed to her, making him feel bad. I understand why he acted that way. That’s his weakest spot that he doesn’t want people to know, and now, he learned that the woman he likes has long been aware of it and didn’t tell him about it. But I think that the main reason why he distanced himself from Tae-hee for a short while isn’t really about his DNA results, but still about his hunch that Tae-hee is the victim in his mom’s accident.

This is why I’m confident that Si-hyun tried to act mean to Tae-hee to protect her from further heartache by not letting her know that his mom might be the driver in her traumatic hit-and-run accident. Or am I only ignoring the possibility that Si-hyun did what he did because he’s desperate to know from Choi Soo-ji (Moon Ga-young) who is his father’s woman? Please, don’t let this be his reason!

Ahhh, Soo-ji! Please stop already! Why are so obsessed in wanting to see Tae-hee hurt? Can’t you understand that it’s NOT her fault to be your ex-boyfriend’s first love and the daughter of the woman your soon-to-be stepfather is seeing?


My poor Lee Se-joo (Kim Min-jae). Probably he couldn’t take all the frustrations anymore that’s why he kissed Soo-ji. But I somehow approve of what he did. Seeing how Soo-ji became so confused after the kiss makes me want to believe that Se-joo also has some effect on her. Plus, I want her to feel what Se-joo felt when she kissed him without any warning.

What I didn’t like was Se-joo bluffing Soo-ji to do ‘it’ once then forget about it since she said that that kind of love doesn’t exist between them three. I’m not a very conservative person, but I really felt offended by the offer.


Is it really over for Tae-hee’s omma and vice chair Kwon Seok-woo (Shin Sung-woo)? I can already feel the tough situation that’s awaiting the former. What is she gonna do once she learns that vice chair Kwon is in danger of losing his eyesight? Will she come back to him running even if she discovers that her daughter’s boyfriend is none other than the “son” of the same man she loves?

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