K-Drama Reaction: Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food | Episode 4

They are officially together!!!! It’s just so lovely to see Jin-a (Son Ye-jin) finally had the guts to get that hand and admit her feelings for him. It’s just so hard for Joon-hee (Jung Hae-in) to take the leap because she is his older sister’s best friend, and not just some random girl he likes. I can’t wait to witness more of their adventures together, especially how they will face the great challenge of coming out to the world as a couple.

Pretty Noona 4 (4)

Pretty Noona 4 (12)

Pervert Gyu-min

This ex-boyfriend won’t give up. I knew he was persistent, but I failed to see this side of Gyu-min (Oh Ryong). I thought he was educated and came from a good family background, but sometimes even the highest education can’t buy class and dignity. Because Gyu-min was so used to getting everything he wanted, Jin-a’s rejection hit his weak spot. He would not stop forcing her to get back together to the point of resorting to sexual assault. I was so thankful Jin-a is really a strong, independent woman. She managed to defend herself and threaten him to leave her alone.

Pretty Noona 4 (1)

“I am useless”

I felt really bad for Joon-hee when he helplessly saw Jin-a’s state at the coffee shop where the assault happened. I love Kyung-sun (Jang So-yeon) and Joon-hee for always being there for Jin-a, but it’s different now. They may be dating in secret, but they are still a couple. I could only imagine how Joon-hee kept his cool and not beat Gyu-min to death.

Pretty Noona 4 (9)

#MeToo drama version

Jin-a finally stood up against her pervert superior!!!! It was so satisfying to hear her reject his invite for some drinks!!! This old man should just stop harassing his subordinates, especially now that the #MeToo Movement in South Korea is gaining a lot of attention. I know these kinds of workplace harassment scenes are not new in K-dramas, but it’s just so good to finally see a character directly say “No” to unwanted touches by her male superior.

Pretty Noona 4 (11)

First date by the beach

The new couple finally had some alone time in broad daylight! LOL. I thought it will take a while before we get to their clingy sweetness at daytime (not that I’m complaining about those midnight escapades!) but it’s just so refreshing to see Jin-a and Joon-hee walk hand in hand on the streets or play by the seashore among other things.

Pretty Noona 4 (2)

Pretty Noona 4 (3)

I also get where Jin-a’s fear comes from. She’s much older than him and she is his noona’s best friend. They are almost a family. But what got my attention was Joon-hee’s sincerity to date Jin-a. I believe him when he promised her that he will take good care of her. It was Jin-a who made the first move, which was something that bothered him so much when he  liked her ever since. I know Joon-hee will protect Jin-a as long as he can, and will stand up for her when the time comes.

Pretty Noona 4 (7)

Thoughtful dongsaeng

I know Seung-ho (Wi Ha-joon) may be viewed as a tough little brother who’s cold to his family, but when it comes to his sister, he will surely drop everything and protect her, too. I was so touched when he asked his Jin-a noona whenever Gyu-min shows up in front of her. Jin-a is a lucky sister.

Pretty Noona 4 (4)


Jung Hae-in can melt your heart without even trying so hard.

Pretty Noona 4 (3)

I’m really happy that Jin-a and Kyung-sun have each other’s back no matter what. They don’t mince the words that needed to be said.

Pretty Noona 4 (8)

Feeling giddy: Jin-a’s version

Pretty Noona 4 (1)

Feeling giddy: Joon-hee’s version

Pretty Noona 4 (2)

This very juicy cliffhanger is making me so excited~

Pretty Noona 4 (5)

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