K-Drama Reaction: Switch | Episodes 9-10

Every character is intriguing!

The Trap

Baek Joon-soo’s (Jang Geun-suk) plan to trap the drug syndicate worked. The celebration lasted only for a while though as Sa Do-chan and Oh Ha-ra (Han Ye-ri) was pushed to a corner by the powerful individuals behind the humongous crime group. The diplomat/drug mule they managed to reel in used the President as a fall guy. Chairman Choi (aka the drug lord) clearly explained how politics and power work in the real world. I really don’t want to start my K-drama reactions in this kind of tone as a lot of us watch a series for a little bit of escape but there would always be some takeaways and reminders in fiction. I was enraged at how they can manipulate things easily and make things difficult for our main characters. But the worst thing is, I also feel sad that this K-drama’s main conflict actually happens in real life.

The New Puppet

As they discard one invaluable piece, they needed a new one to do their acts upfront. District Prosecutor Jung Do-young was the chosen one. This development showed how ambitious Geum Tae-woong (Jung Woong-in) really is. He may look like a loyal subordinate but he has bigger plans. He would tramp everyone who gets in his way including his own son. This discarded person could betray his own father in the end though. I want to bet that he’ll be a plot device but this drama is so unpredictable I won’t. I’ll just wait and see what would happen.

Speaking of puppets, another person who uses one, Baek Joon-soo is hiding his real illness to Ha-ra. I don’t want to see her hurt as I’m slowly getting attach to her character already. I’m totally falling for her feistiness and idealist mind. So, I’m really worried how will she react once she knew Joon-soo’s secret.

The Escapee

What the evil guys don’t know is that they are dealing with someone who has a lot of clever tricks up on his sleeves. Do-chan won’t just sit still. He’s too smart to be flimflammed by anyone. After their special team was disbanded, he already hatched up a plan to caught Grizzly. Of course, his team is there to help him. Can I just say how ingenious the storytelling is? I’m always blindsided by Do-chan’s acts. My trust issues are getting worse because of him (lol).

Maknae’s Episode Verdict

I really wonder where Ha-ra gets her energy to change the world. Her omoni is offering her a good escape to just settle with a family and live in peace. But she chooses not to. It might be the influence of the ever-righteous Joon-soo but this heroine surely knows when to bend the rules to achieve world peace or at least locked up the criminals they are after. After watching these episodes, I realized that these characters are acting like superheroes with no capes. They’re dealing with powerful giants with their own tiny hands. They are depicting real-life darkness into one entertaining series. Its fast-paced narrative really holds my attention. I didn’t want to blink at all as I don’t want to miss every single detail in the story. Switch is being sold as a legal drama but I really think it is more than just that.

Dongsaeng’s Afterthoughts

– I think can trust them to give me some lighthearted moments when things get tough right.

– I wonder what Do-chan’s aboji is hiding.

– I like the way they explain the technical processes in this drama.

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