News Roundup: Mother premieres in Cannes and more!

Grumpy Ahjumma made an awesome inaugural news roundup last week and now, it’s my turn to deliver the latest news about your favourite Korean celebrities.

1. Lee Ki-woo joins a new agency

Family ENT has confirmed actor Lee Ki-woo has signed an exclusive contract with the talent agency. Lee made his debut in 2003 and is known for his roles in The Classic, Flower Boy Ramyun Shop, and Just Between Lovers. He was previously managed by SidusHQ. Hope to see him in more diverse roles!

2. Go Hyun-jung finally speaks up about Return controversy

After months of silence, actress Go Hyun-jung has finally opened up about her controversial departure from her SBS series Return. During a press event for her new film Winter Guest Scarier than a Tiger, Go said, “There are misunderstandings and also things that didn’t happen. People around me asked me why I’m not saying anything.”

She added, “I realized once again that with everything, there aren’t just bad things or just good things. My fans are one of the reasons why I need to live well and that’s everything. Thank you.”

3. Kim Bum to begin mandatory service as public service worker

Looks like Kim Bum is making it to the headlines a lot these days. After last week’s confirmation that he and actress Oh Yeon-seo are a couple, Kim Bum is now set to fulfill his mandatory military duty. However, due to an undisclosed illness, the actor will be assigned to be a public service worker.

Kim Bum is set to start mandatory basic military training on April 26.

4. Kang Han-na reported to be working independently without agency; Fantagio responds

In response to circulating reports that actress Kang Han-na is promoting on her own without the permission from the agency, Fantiago has issued a response through a statement. The statement reads “We are addressing reports about Kang Han-na. Until recently, Fantagio has been supporting and working for actress Kang Han-na’s normal entertainment activities. We sincerely hope that she will continue to actively promote with the agency just like other artists under us who are actively promoting together with us right now.” Well, let’s wish the two parties reach an agreement that will benefit them both.

5.  Man who contracted murder of Song Sun-mi’s husband receives sentence

On a much more serious note: The court has sentenced the man who contracted the murder of actress Song Sun-mi’s husband life imprisonment. The man, who also happened to be the cousin of deceased, paid approximately two billion won to another man to kill the victim in August of 2017.

6. Mother fails to win awards at Cannes

Uh-oh! This is such bummer! tvN drama Mother has failed to take out any awards at the 1st Cannes International Series Festival. Actresses Lee Bo-young and Heo-yool, director Kim Chul-kyu, and writer Jung Seo-kyung all attended the said event.

Let’s not be sad, going that far is already a big achievement, especially for the newcomer Heo Yool.



My Husband Oh Jak-doo


Concept posters for the upcoming drama remake Suits


The Great Seducer


Ha Yeon-soo for upcoming MBN drama Rich Man, Poor Woman


Now you’re updated!

Busy Ahjussi reporting from the Ahjummamshies HQ


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  1. Aw…too bad, Mother did not win an award. The good side is that an Asian series has made its way to such a prestigious, international film fest! I hope more Asian series and films would be recognized by global award-winning bodies.


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