Song Seung-hun, Krystal offered lead roles in new drama

Song Seung-hun and f(x)’s Krystal Jung have been offered to star in the upcoming action drama Hustle (working title). The Korean title is reportedly Pan.

Krystal’s agency SM Entertainment confirmed that she has received a casting offer for Hustle and is currently reviewing it with a favorable outlook.

Media outlets also reported that Song Seung-heon was courted to be the male lead.

Hustle revolves around the adventures of four elite con artists. Song Seung-hun is courted to portray the main character, veteran conman Kang Ha-ri. Meanwhile, Krystal is in talks for the role of his teammate, Cha Ah-ryung, a street smart driver who was abandoned by her parents.

The drama plans to air in the second half of 2018. Cable channel OCN is currently in discussion to broadcast the series.



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