K-Drama Reaction: A Poem a Day | Episode 3

Favorite Poem of the Episode

The Ye Line

Looks like the most difficult days are over for Bo-young (Lee Yu-bi) or at least, more endurable now with Dr. Ye Jae-wook (Lee Joon-hyuk)’s addition to the Physical Therapy Department.

Dr. Ye might be cold and straightforward but he can’t stand unfair situations which are very prevalent in their section. And that means a very good thing for our naive Bo-young who always finds herself at the center of these unfortunate circumstances.

First, Dr. Ye pointed out the imbalanced workload which saw Bo-young doing the biggest heap of work despite being only a contractor.

Second, Dr. Ye rightly stripped Dr. Park Shi-won (Kim Jae-bum) off the chance to do a lecture and gave it to Bo-young which was the right thing do given she was the one who did the entire report anyway.

Lastly, Dr. Ye protected Bo-young from the crazed patient (cameo by Cha Myung-wook) who tried to hit her after not being able to get the disability rating he needed to fork out a large money from the government.


But is Bo-young really on the Ye Line? Or she just happened to be involved in the said situations? Well, I initially feared for her because it could be a repetition of that Friendly Employee incident where she was given high hopes only for them to be crushed in the end, but it seemed to have worked in her favor. Bo-young’s cutesy drunk scene where she unwittingly told Dr. Ye that she knew he was looking out for her because she’s a Ye-liner surely made an adorable impression to our stoic doctor. It’s too early to say this, but I’m already getting giggles already about the thought of their potential romance.

Then enter Min-ho (Jang Dong-yoon) who seems to be developing a strange liking for our Bo-young, I have a feeling we’re in for a love triangle. What do you think?

The workplace outcast, has no friend, forever single duo

It’s funny that Dr. Dae-bang (Defconn) and Joo-yong (Park Sun-ho), who seemed totally opposite at first look, unexpectedly share a lot of similarities:

They are both workplace outcasts…

…they both don’t have friends…

…and they haven’t dated anyone.

But what makes it funnier is that these two take pity on each other for the attributes they have themselves.

Does the end really justify the means?

We’ve got a peak into the life of Dr. Park Shi-won which basically explained why he became the annoyance and slacker that he is. He’s got a wife whose having a hard time selling credit cards and a mother who got sick after taking care of his children. He’s busy juggling all his responsibilities that probably led him to believe that passing his workload to his juniors and trying to sell them credit cards were okay to do. But I’m not buying any of these justifications and just let him off the hook. Certainly, it has made me understand him a bit more but still, he could have resorted to other measures which are not at the expense of others.

And that’s why I particularly like Chief Yang (Seo Hyun-chul) in this episode because he was very reasonable. I like how he was very unforgiving at first to all the antics Dr. Park pulled off bringing it up every now. But when he found out his circumstances, he offered him help but maintained what he’s doing was very wrong.


We’ve got more clues about the reason why Dr. Ye moved to Sinsun Hospital but we couldn’t still figure out what the real reason is. Could it be really something that involved a married woman?

On a lighter note, I’m wondering what would happen to Nam-woo (Shin Jae-ha) once his ‘alligator’ finally falls off.

Lastly, this must be surprising but the actor who played the patient who tried to hit Bo-young has already passed away. Character actor Cha Myung-wook died of heart attack during a trail hike. Rest in peace.

Link: https://www.soompi.com/2018/02/21/actor-cha-myeong-wook-passes-away/

Poetry Time!

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