K-Drama Reaction: A Poem a Day | Episode 4

Favorite Poem of the Episode

Showing the good side

Have you ever done something so regrettable because of drunkenness? Well, Bo-young (Lee Yu-bi) did. It’s been revealed that she did not only talked about the Ye Line in front of Dr. Ye Jae-wook (Lee Joon-hyuk) himself but she also unabashedly told him he like him and sent him poems via text. Hah.

This led Bo-young to go on a mission: show Dr. Ye only her good side. But what ensued was an embarrassment after embarrassment, partly thanks to the playful Min-ho (Jang Dong-yoon). Bo-young left the sandwiches she made…

…fell over Dr. Ye’s lap…

…chased chooks and…

…get scolded by a doctor for advising a patient not to go surgery.

But miracles do happen…or maybe Dr. Ye wasn’t just oblivious to Bo-young’s efforts. Because after all the hard work, Dr. Ye told Bo-young he’s seen enough of her goodness.

And thanks to Bo-young’s natural cuteness, we’ve finally seen our stoic doctor smile for the first time.

What goes around, comes around

Oh no Min-ho! It seems like it’s you who should be careful not to fall in love with Bo-young because by the way of things, you’re apparently smitten by her already.

Min-ho may find himself in love with Bo-young even before he knows it. All the gestures–naughty and nice–all mean one thing–he’s drawn to her and it’s hard to resist it.

You better like poetry soon!

The unlikely bromance

Just when I thought last night’s fight between Dr. Dae-bang (Defconn) and Joo-yong (Park Sun-ho) would be all forgotten, it was not the case the next morning. Dr. Dae-bang was truly upset and decided to draw a line between the two of them. However, it’s proven to be difficult for our doctor as well because it’s only Joo-young who could put up with his indecisiveness.

The good thing that came out of this was because Joo-yong had to just meander around him and just observe, he realized how kind of a person Dr. Dae-bang is.

That’s prompted him to decide to be his friend. After all, he’s a loner too.

Poor Nam-woo

We’ve only seen the ‘funny’ side of Nam-woo (Shin Jae-ha)’s misfortune as he made us laugh with all those whinings about the past where his family used to be rich. But now, we’ve seen how really tough it is going for him. He was living in a very small dorm with water dripping off his ceiling.

He soon found himself homeless after the landlord decided to close it for rental because of the leakage.

He didn’t tell the department seniors he’s sick and went on to do volunteering because he couldn’t afford to lose the chance of becoming an intern.

In the end, we saw him tried to sneak into the hospital at night to have a temporary place to stay in.

Isn’t it sad? Wishing you better days ahead Min-ho-ya


We’ve got another revelation! Could Dr. (Lee Chae-young) really be Dr. Dae-bang’s ex?

And please don’t go down that route. A love affair is too ‘makjang’ for a light-hearted drama like A Poem a Day.

Poetry time!

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