Lee Min-ki offered to star opposite Seo Hyun-jin in The Beauty Inside drama remake

Lee Min-ki (Because This is My First Life) has been offered to star in JTBC’s drama version of the hit movie The Beauty Inside.

The actor’s agency confirmed that Lee Min-ki is currently considering the casting offer, but quickly clarified that the drama is just one of the projects he is reviewing, and that nothing has been decided yet.

Earlier reports also confirmed that Seo Hyun-jin (Temperature of Love) is courted to play the female lead.

The film version was about a man who wakes up everyday in a different body. However, the drama plans to have a heroine who only becomes a different person at specific times due to supernatural occurrence.

JTBC reportedly takes on the broadcasting rights of The Beauty Inside, but the timeslot and airing date has yet to be decided.

<< Seo Hyun-jin courted to star in The Beauty Inside drama remake

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