K-Drama Reaction: My Ahjussi | Episode 7

“People’s faces usually betray what kind of people they are.”

~ Park Dong-hoon

There are days when you know you just had enough of all the world’s crapiness, and Park Dong-hoon just had his. My Ahjussi Ep 7 showed us how the Earnest Ahjussi faced CEO Do Joon-young on his illicit love affair.

Campfire Truth

While Chairman Jang was tendering to the bonfire and Dong-hoon went inside the tent to find salt, Joon-young went to the car to text Yoon-hee why her husband came. My heart dropped when Dong-hoon appeared out of nowhere and firmly told his boss, “Put it down. If you call her, you’re dead.”

I was surprised and elated at the same time with how Dong-hoon showed his fierce side throughout the confrontation. Usually, Dong-hoon was depicted as a pushover, but in this scene he proved how big of a man he is and made Joon-young ashamed of himself.

The scene where he threw the camping utensils on the ground made me realize that Dong-hoon is actually a scary guy. He asserted, “People’s faces usually betray what kind of people they are. From the first moment I saw you in college, you didn’t seem like a nice person. You seemed like the type who didn’t want to get his own hands dirty so you made others do your dirty work for you, then distanced yourself from them.”

Dong-hoon continues to chide CEO Joon-young that despite of his affair with Yoon-hee, he has no plans to marry her because of his greed. Dong-hoon demanded the CEO to break up with his wife. He even warned him that Yoon-he cannot find out that he’s aware of the affair or else Joon-young is done for.

I can’t help but admire Dong-hoon with his order to Joon-young. It makes me think that he’s still protecting Yoon-hee, not just from other people but from being embarrassed with herself as well. He may not be as passionate as Joon-young but I’d like to believe that his love for her goes beyond romance.

Nothing is an Accident

Dong-hoon and Joon-young had another encounter after the former found out that the CEO has not broken up with Yoon-hee. The two engaged in another heated argument, where the CEO tells Dong-hoon to just expose him and the Earnest Ahjussi accepting the challenge saying that they should do it and see it through the end. Dong-hoon voiced out  that he’s also curious on what he will do when he’s completely ruined.

Ji-an heard the two’s clash and headed to Yoon-hee. She got herself hit by her car then made her listen to the recording of Joon-young explaining that it’s the safest option to date a married woman since she’d never expose the affair herself.

I’m more than enthusiastic to find out what Yoon-hee will do since she got this evil and vengeful look on her face after hearing what her lover said.

A Wish Come True

In the premiere episode, I said that I was excited to find out how Ji-an will learn to smile and I just got my wish granted in this chapter.

Just as Dong-hoon was about to leave the bar, Ji-an arrived and asked him to drink another bottle with her. The two had a toast and Dong-hoon mentioned that they should both be happy. It became awkward when no one wanted to put his/her mug down first and they ended up smiling, giggling.

I honestly appreciated how simple, ordinary and typical what made the two of them finally smile. It felt like a deep sigh after a long and tiring day. It makes us realize that despite all the sufferings, even the most mundane things can bring us joy.

The Beauty of Being in Shambles

It’s been a few episodes already since I’ve forgotten to include her in my reactions. Her character is too lovable that even though I’m time-constrained I just have to include her this time.

Choi Yoo-ra (Hello Venus’ Nara), the actress who caused Ki-hoon his cinematography career and became alcohol dependent, share her thoughts on why she likes him for being a failure. Her words are so touching and just what these yearning souls need.

She goes, “The thing about human beings is they live their entire lives in fear that they’ll become failures. At first, I was truly happy that Director Park had become a failure. Because Director Park seemed to be fine despite having failed, that made me even happier. It made me think, ‘It’s okay to fail. It’s nothing, really. Even if you fail you can still be happy.’ He made me feel relieved. This neighborhood looks like it’s in shambles, too. And all of the people living here seem like broken people. But they don’t seem unhappy at all… And that’s why I like you, because you made me feel so relieved.”

Tipsy Findings

Look who sent food carts to the set of My Ahjussi!

My Wang So and Hae Soo ship is sailing.

❤ I’m having mini heart attacks with  Kwang-il staring at Dong-hoon and Ji-an having a  good time from the outside. Will he give us a reason to panic in My Ahjussi Episode 8? I guess we’ll find out then.


~ Tipsy Ahjumma

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