K-Drama Reaction: The Great Seducer | Episodes 21-22


I wanna thank K-Drama gods because after the recent heart-rending episodes, our love birds are now back together!

Kwon Si-hyun (Woo Do-hwan) revealed to Eun Tae-hee (Joy) that his mother was the driver who almost killed her in her traumatic hit-and-run accident. Tae-hee accepted it, and told Si-hyun that it’s not his fault so there’s no reason for them to break up.

Hmmm… I think it’s normal in dramaland to jump into conclusions, decide on their own, and complicate things. I mean, Si-hyun should have confirmed his hunch about his mom’s possible involvement in Tae-hee’s accident first before acting mean and breaking up with her, or he could’ve just told Tae-hee about this possibility and together they could find evidence to confirm it. I now understand that Si-hyun only wanted to protect Tae-hee from further heartache by not letting her know about his mom being the possible driver in her road accident, but there are better options to do this. But yeah, what’s the point in ranting about it now when it’s all in the past? Well, maybe what I’m just trying to say is that communication is key.

Si-hyun has finally met potter Seol Young-won (Jeon Mi-seon) face to face, and I’m actually surprised that it was a calm meeting because I expected Si-hyun to say some harsh words towards her.

But even though it’s a peaceful meeting, Si-hyun’s revelations are more than enough to leave the potter shaken. Si-hyun told her that he is JK Group vice chairman Kwon Seok-woo’s (Shin Sung-woo) son and that his mom met a fatal accident while she was on her way to meet her to probably beg her to stay away from her husband.

I know it’s not yet the end for them because more complications are set to happen once the truth about the potter’s relationship with Tae-hee is revealed. I just hope that Si-hyun will also be able to spare Tae-hee from this mess just like how she spared him when she learned about his mom’s possible involvement in her hit-and-run accident. The truth is, I’m sure that Si-hyun will still love Tae-hee no matter what. What I’m actually more worried about is how Tae-hee is going to react once she learns about the whole thing. Will she be able to forgive her mom? Will she break up with Si-hyun just like what he did out of guilt?


I knew it! Secretary Yoon is lying about the circumstances of the death of Si-hyun’s omma, and he did it so that he could protect President Myung Mi-ri (Kim Seo-hyung), the woman he loves so much. Gosh, I thought this secretary is an ally! I felt so deceived.

President Myung was also lying to Si-hyun when she told him that his omma hit a student with her car because in a flashback, we saw that the car that came rushing towards Tae-hee was a silver and not a red one. This explains why Si-hyun’s mom’s car has no accident record because it was never involved in one in the first place!

In another flashback, we saw Tae-hee trying to help Si-hyun’s mom who seemed to be having an episode inside her car. Tae-hee was then seen running on the highway probably because she’s trying to get some help when she was hit by President Myung’s car. What I want to know is the real reason behind the death of Si-hyun’s omma and what is President Myung’s involvement in it.


I like how Si-hyun made it clear to Choi Soo-ji (Moon Ga-young) that he doesn’t want to marry her anymore and that they should call all their bets off. I also admire him when he said that he’s going to beg for forgiveness from Tae-hee for purposely approaching her even after he dies. This made me feel how he sincerely loves Tae-hee.

Lee Se-joo (Kim Min-jae) is now also aware that Si-hyun and Soo-ji’s bet involved marriage. Though I know it’s hard for him because he has feelings for Soo-ji, he still managed to advise her to be real about what she feels for Si-hyun and stop doing things that might push him away from her. Ahhh, Se-joo! I love you, but I beg to disagree because I don’t really believe Soo-ji likes Si-hyun. She wants to own him and that’s very different from liking. So no matter how valid your advice is, I don’t think it’s applicable in this situation.

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