K-Drama Reaction: Switch | Episodes 15-16

Here’s the thing about this world. It doesn’t change just because you try to change it.

The End of an Era


The plans of Geum Tae-woong (Jung Woong-in) to take over the influential Namsan Club have succeeded. He probably thinks he is on top of the world right now but we all know his weaknesses are just there waiting to be revealed. His son, Sa Ma-chun (Son Byung-ho), and the ghosts of those he killed were slowly resurfacing and ready to haunt him. I know this is a bit weird to hear but I’m excited to see how he will fall down. He has done so much evil that it might bury him alive.

Can I just acknowledge the veteran actor’s portrayal of this character? He really makes the whole series thrilling to watch.

The Conman is Conned


Speaking of good actors, Sa Do-chan (Jang Geun-suk) fell to one good actress. He fell into a scheme he planned himself. His slip-ups while they do the set-up was a hint of sort that he is getting rusty when it comes to conning. I wonder why he let his guard down un this situation? It is out-of-character for him. But I’m trusting him and his team to prove his innocence.


The Jealous Prosecutor


I don’t know what Baek Jun-soo (Jang Geun-suk) is thinking when he went to Grizzly and betray Do-chan. It was also a betrayal of Oh Ha-ra’s trust. He already knew Ha-ra is siding Do-chan on the incident but he doesn’t care about that. If he has good motives for doing this then I’ll let it pass. As of now, I’ll treat him as one jealous person who doesn’t want someone take his place completely. That is the only reason I can think of why he is being such a cranker.


Maknae’s Episode Verdict


I hate Baek Joon-soo! Okay, I’ll probably take that back in the next episodes but for now, I’ll let my frustrations out in the open. This is a good thing, I guess. The fact that a character is getting on my nerves means the story is effective right? But to be honest, I didn’t see that one coming. I thought Joon-soo is one idle character. It turns out he, too, is changing. I’m hoping he’ll think his actions over.

Dongsaeng’s Afterthoughts

– This episode is a bit serious than usual and I can’t find anything funny to share. Urgh, this is all Joon-soo’s fault!


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