K-Drama Reaction: My Ahjussi | Episode 8

One thing I’ve noticed about My Ahjussi Episode 8 is that it’s filled with lines that’ll hit home. So instead of my usual reaction, let’s look at this chapter’s memorable quotes.

But first, I’ll give a sneak peek of the major events that happened to our dear characters.

My Ahjussi Episode 8 Sneak Peek

The Earnest Ahjussi and Stoic Agassi are now official friends. Lee Ji-an even encouraged Park Dong-hoon with a very timid “Fighting!”

CEO Do Joon-young and Dong-hoon’s wife called it quits. At last!

Kwang Il stole Dong-hoon’s wallet to gather some info about him and Ji-an’s company after he tailed the latter in the previous episode.

Dong-hoon is nominated for the director post.

Inked Words

  • Dong-hoon on life.

  • Dong-hoon on the futile act of trying to prove yourself to everyone.

  • Dong-hoon on crumbling when the pillars of your life are no longer strong.

  • Kang Yoon-hee on knowing Joon-young’s pretensions.

  • Choi Yoo-ra on missing the old you before you got broken. This line spoke to the deepest core of my soul.

  • Jung-hee on being ready to love fully but having nobody to receive it.

Tipsy Findings

In My Ahjussi Ep 4, Dong-hoon explained to his suborinates the history of his favorite building.

Seosomun Apartment is actually one of the oldest apartment complexes in Seoul.

It is located in downtown Seoul near the Seoul Police Station.

My Ahjussi Ep 8 ended with Joon-young instructing Ji-an to date Dong-hoon so that he could tarnish his reputation in line with the upcoming election for a new director. Something changed in Ji-an’s eyes when Joon-young told her that Dong-hoon is unlike other guys who casually eats and drinks with the opposite sex. I hope Ji-an will fight the urge to entertain thoughts that Dong-hoon could possibly be romantically interested in her and won’t give any meaning to his kindness. See you on episode 9.


~ Tipsy Ahjumma

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