K-Drama Reaction: A Poem a Day | Episode 5

I love how romance is shaping up in this drama but unlike other dramas which kinda bore me when the OTP is absent on the screen, A Poem a Day keeps me glued to the screen, thanks to the supporting characters whose stories are equally interesting.

Brewing love triangle

Looks like our crybaby Bo-young (Lee Yu-bi) has finally got smitten by Dr. Ye Jae-wook (Lee Joon-hyuk) but who wouldn’t, especially when he was unconsciously treating you a little more special than the others.

And if you’ve got this super supportive friend who thinks way ahead of things, there’s no way you wouldn’t be bitten by the love bug.

But actually, Dr. Kim Yoon-joo (Lee Chae-young) can’t compare to Bo-young when it comes to imagining things. Too bad, imaginations aren’t real.


And though Bo-young felt like all her hopes went down the sink after hearing Dr. Ye said he didn’t want to be involved with anyone from the hospital, looks like there’s a glimmer of light that she could be the only exception. Yikes!

You need to come to terms with your feelings Min-ho (Jang Dong-yoon) soon before it’s too late.

But honestly, it feels like we’re in for a strong second lead syndrome sooner or later because I do enjoy the bickering between these two.

The true stories

Finally, we’ve known the truth (is it?) behind Dr. Ye’s decision to move to Sinsun Hospital. It turned out that he stood as the only witness against a fellow doctor’s medical accident, which made him a workplace outcast. Worse, he discovered his girlfriend, who’s her only companion at the hospital, cheating on him and it’s with no other than the doctor embroiled in the medical malpractice. You must be hurt, Dr. Ye! Is there a physical therapy for a broken heart?

Another backstory we’ve seen is Dr. Kim Dae-bang’s (Defconn) which successfully misled us into believing that it was Dr. Yoon-joo who was his ex. However, they’re not really not connected with each other because she was instrumental in Dr. Dae-bang meeting of his then-girlfriend. And just like everyone in the hospital, it was his indecisiveness who scared her away.


Thanks to Bo-young’s idea, Nam-woo is now no longer homeless!

Sad but true, people’s perception of things easily shifts just because of physical appearance.

I really enjoy watching this mob dance!

Jang Dong-yoon seems to be a really bad dancer. Hah.

And I love that we’ve got snippets of touching stories every now and then in this drama. This time, it’s this man’s unwavering love for his girlfriend who became quadriplegic after an accident. Did you cry too?

Oppa spotted! Can someone name this cutie radiologist? Is it impossible? Ok.

Lastly, here’s my spirit animal!

Poetry time!

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