K-Drama Reaction: My Ahjussi | Episode 9

“But what’s so important about the truth? Our hearts are not ruled by reason, after all.”

~ Choon-dae

My Ahjussi Episode 9 is like the falling off and building up of the Earnest Ahjussi and the Stoic Agassi’s friendship. I’ll give some snippets of how this happened and other note-worthy moments in this chapter, but I want to focus my reaction to one of the lovely supporting characters in the drama.

My Ahjussi Episode 9 Snippets

Park Dong-hoon revealed to his brothers about his candidacy for the director post and joy is an understatement to how they reacted.

Lee Ji-an told her grandma about the free assisted living facility and them ninjas cut onions on our faces again.

Director Jung is on full hunting mode searching for Dong-hoon’s dirt and ended up digging on the Earnest Ahjussi’s relationship with Ji-an.

Ki-hoon starts “straightening up” Yoo-ra. ❤ He even tells her to do good in her audition and calls her pretty.

Kang Yoon-hee a.k.a. the unfaithful one met with Ji-an and asked her to leave the company in exchange of money. Ji-an tells her that even if she leaves, CEO Do Joon-young will just find another person to have Dong-hoon fired.

Yoon-hee replied that she doesn’t care if her husband lose his job and that it’s unpleasant that someone like Ji-an who knows all of her secret exists. Ji-an, being the candid girl that she is, tells Yoon-hee not to try so hard because Dong-hoon knows everything.

The Crumbling of Walls

Dong-hoon tried to keep his distance from Ji-an after being informed by Kwang-il’s minion that the Stoic Agassi tried to pay off her debt using the bribe money she stole from him, and after finding out that Director Jung is digging filth and discovered that he and Ji-an live in the same neighborhood.

Ji-an felt Dong-hoon’s coldness and was hurt by it. But what the Earnest Ahjussi did for her is something that could possibly heal Ji-an’s broken soul. Dong-hoon found out from Choon-dae how wretched Ji-an’s life has been since she was young because of her mother’s debt. Dong-hoon then went to Gwang-il after learning that the latter and his father are responsible for tormenting Ji-an and her family.

Dong-hoon exchanged blows with the handsome loan shark and Ji-an heard everything through her phone’s spyware. But I think what really made her down on her knees was when Gwang-il told Dong-hoon that Ji-an killed his father. For the past several episodes, Ji-an revealed her fear of people finding out that she murdered someone. And with Dong-hoon finding out the truth, I’m sure she expected that he’ll be disgusted with her.

Ji-an’s wall crumbled down when she heard Dong-hoon told Gwang-il that he would have done the same. He would kill anyone who hurts his family. She may not admit it, but I believe this is what Ji-an is waiting for. Not just someone who stands up for her but a soul who understands what she did.

PS: If all loan sharks are this gorgeous…

Here, take my money! Kekeke ❤

Forgetting is so Long

At first, I thought there’ll be a subtle love line between Dong-hoon and Jung-hee, sort of a childhood sweetheart kind of thing. But the past few episodes revealed that she is waiting for someone who is not and will never come.

There have been few snippets of Jung-hee’s pain and it always include a man, then later on a monk. I have been curious for a long time on who the monk that omma visits at the temple. I thought, oh it’s a fourth son, but Dong-hoon revealed in Ep 8 that it’s a neighborhood friend who is so smart and is expected by everyone to succeed but decided to enter the temple. Dong-hoon also mentioned that he was like a brother to them and that his parents died.

What I’ve noticed about Jung-hee is that she’s like a girl with a happy smile but sad eyes. You’ll always see her enjoying and having fun with the ahjussis. But at night, when she’s all alone, loneliness visits her.

I don’t know why, or I know but I just don’t want to admit it, but I can see a part of me in Jung-hee’s  melancholic eyes. And her meltdown in this episode after finding out that omma visited the temple is just so real and heart-piercing.

We don’t know the full story yet of whether they were a couple and whether he abandoned her but I’m sure we all want to give Jung-hee the tightest hug. 😦 She reminds me of a line from my favorite Pablo Neruda poem, it goes “loving is so  short, forgetting is so long.”

Tipsy Findings

Did you notice the young actress (Kim Gyu-ri) who portrayed the young Ji-an?

Netizens seem to find that she actually looks like the young IU herself.

What do you think?

❤ Director Jung is kind of scaring me on how he’s trying to put malice on Dong-hoon and Ji-an’s friendship. But the real question now is how Ji-an will react to this since she already received payment from Joon-young. I’ll se you on the next episode.


~ Tipsy Ahjumma

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