K-Drama Reaction: A Poem a Day | Episode 6

PicsArt_04-25-10.11.09There are no other stories like the ones about the family that can move me to tears very easily. That is why this episode has become my favorite so far.

The meaning of family

The drama has successfully explored differing concepts of family through the eyes of Bo-young (Lee Yu-bi) and Min-ho (Jang Dong-yoon). Bo-young’s mother treats Bo-young’s half-brother (cameo by Kim Hee-chan) as her own and showers him with love. She said that the power of nurture is stronger than the power of giving birth, and I couldn’t agree any less.

On the other hand, we’ve got Min-ho who we thought has everything he could ask for in this life. But seeing how his family has completely forgotten about his birthday made him look ‘deprived’ more than anyone else in this show. I hate how his parents easily disregard him and equate provision of material things as a demonstration of their love.

Joo-yong and his father

We’ve always seen our parents as a symbol of strength that we sometimes forget that they themselves have their moments of weakness. This was what Joo-yong (Park Sun-ho)’s story in this episode touched on.

Just like some of the kids these days, Joo-yong felt awkward expressing his affection towards his father. So when dad showed unexpectedly, acting friendly and all, Joo-yong found it very strange. But soon after finding out that dad voluntarily resigned from the company he loved so much because he couldn’t keep up with the technological advancement of these modern times, his heart sank realizing his father came to him for comfort but he hadn’t done much for him.

So when dad posted their photo together on social media with a caption “with my son whom I love,” my tears fell as Joo-yong commented he loves him too.

Another thing that I like about Joo-yong’s story was that it brushed on the generational divide brought upon by technology and how it played out in the workplace. After watching this episode, maybe we could be more considerate of older people especially those who are struggling to keep up with the changes of our time.

“She used to do it for me”

Min-ho could repeatedly tell others he doesn’t have any feelings for Bo-young but he can never fool himself about what he truly feels for her. And there’s nothing more regretful than seeing a special someone do the things he or she used to do only for you to another person now.

Past vs Present 1

Past vs Present 2

Past vs Present 3

Past vs Present 4

Is it too late for Min-ho?


Dr. Ye Jae-wook (Lee Joon-hyuk) may have had a little screentime in this episode, but this scene was enough to keep me on the Ye Line. Sorry Min-ho.

And what would be Chief Yang (Seo Hyun-cheol)’s reaction once he realized the one he backstabbed was the reason he was able to keep his job.

Poetry Time!


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