K-Drama Reaction: A Poem a Day | Episode 7

Romantic emotions are arguably the hardest to conceal because no matter how hard you try to hide them, they have their own way of manifesting themselves.

The ‘unpretty’ Bo-young

It was a battle between Bo-young (Lee Yu-bi) and Min-ho (Jang Dong-yoon) to prove whether or not boys do find our naive physical therapist attractive.

Round 1

To Bo-young’s surprise, Dr. Park Shi-won (Kim Jae-bum) asked her if she would agree to a date with his cousin who found her ‘goddess-like,’ seeing her on the uploaded video of their hospital flash mob. But later that day, Dr. Park giddily told Bo-young that he got it all wrong and that his cousin was referring to the nurse behind her in the video.

Winner: Min-ho

Round 2

A VIP patient from the Middle East asked Chief Yang (Park Myung-chul) if he could set him up on a date with Bo-young because he was totally smitten by her. Everybody was thrilled by it, well except Min-ho. However, Bo-young told Min-ho she wouldn’t do it because she only has her eyes set on Dr. Ye Jae-wook (Lee Joon-hyuk). Later that night, Bo-young and the rest of the staff saw the VIP patient sent a bouquet of flowers. Bent on not going on date, Bo-young grabbed the flowers and asked Chief Yang to return it but Chief Yang told her she couldn’t that because it’s not hers in the first place. It turned out that Chief Yang got it all wrong because the VIP patient was referring to Dr. Kim Yoon-joo (Lee Chae-young).

Winner: Min-ho

Round 3

Feeling ashamed for telling Dr. Ye Jae-wook that she’s not keen on dating the VIP patient who turned out not interested in her, Bo-young tried to avoid him by all means. But can we do? Seems like fate was working for them to meet.

Bo-young tried to explain the reason she’s trying to distance herself from him but Dr. Ye told her that he himself believed that the VIP patient did fall in love with her at first sight. He said he didn’t question it one bit because Bo-young is attractive in anyone’s eyes.

Winner: BO-YOUNG!

Now, who cares if others won’t find you pretty when you have someone you really like telling you you’re attractive. However, I believe Bo-young needs no validation from other people to realize she’s a beautiful person. But I can’t blame her for beaming up happiness when she heard it from Dr. Ye because I, myself was grinning like an idiot watching the scene.

The ‘jealous’ Min-ho 

Min-ho surely can try to convince himself he doesn’t like Bo-young but the question is for how long, when he is seeing her going head over heels for Dr. Ye. I really enjoyed watching his frustration as he tried to sabotage Bo-young in front of Dr. Ye only for things to work out in her favor. He should realize soon that he’s not the only one who finds Bo-young’s clumsiness as cute and adorable and that if he keeps acting that way, surely Bo-young’s on her way to Dr. Ye’s heart.

But then again, just when Bo-young has gained the upper hand, Min-ho dropped the bomb!

And I just wanted the cliffhanger to be the potential game-changer, I spoiled myself by watching next episode’s preview (spoiler alert) showing Min-ho still denying his true feelings for Bo-young.


The episode showed another side to Dr. Kim Dae-bang (Defconn) which was he couldn’t stand being wronged by other people or maybe there’s a bigger picture to it. I couldn’t quite place it but do you think the writer wanted to show us the delicate nature of the medical staff’s work through it? Your thoughts?

And could this man (cameo by Go Se-won) be Dr. Yoon-joo’s ex-husband?

Ultimate dream:

Poetry time!

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