News Roundup: Kim Hyun-joong’s contract talks, Kim Sa-rang’s accident in Italy, Kim Min-seo’s wedding, and more!

This week was relatively calm compared to previous weeks’ K-entertainment news that made shock waves among fans. So, here are your weekly dose of ‘biz reports to keep you updated.

Stories That Made Headlines

Actor Yoon Park has re-signed with JYP Entertainment.

yoon park

Agency Yuleum Entertainment denies UEE opened new social media accounts. The actress deleted her personal Instagram account after backlash from her dating news with Kangnam.


Kim Sa-rang’s agency released details of her accident in Milan, Italy. The actress suffered a leg injury after falling into a hole that had no warning sign on it. Her future activities will depend on the result of her treatment and recovery.

kim sarang

Kim Hyun-joong’s exclusive contract with KeyEast has come to an end. According to KeyEast, negotiations for a new contract is underway.

kim hyunjoong

Actress Kim Min-seo (Witch’s Court) will be exchanging wedding vows with her non-celebrity boyfriend this May.

kim min seo wedding.jpg

Actors Son Eun-seo (Queen For Seven Days) and Lee Joo-seung (Falsify) have reportedly been dating for 6 months. The two met on the set of the OCN series, Voice.

son eunseo lee joonseo

Han Ye-seul received a formal apology from CHA Gangnam Medical Center after a mistake during the actress’ lipoma surgery. According to news outlet OSEN, the hospital is currently in talks with Han Ye Seul’s agency about compensation.

Ra Mi-ran and Lee Sung-kyung will be teaming up for the upcoming film “Girl Cops” (tentative title).

ramiran lee seunkyung

It’s confirmed! Park Shin-hye will star alongside Hyun Bin in the upcoming tvN drama series Memories of the Alhambra.


Image Teasers for Upcoming Dramas

Park Hae-Jin and Nana for MBC’s Four Men.

Infinite’s L/Kim Myung-soo for JTBC drama, Miss Hammurabi (May 21).

Park Seo-joon for Why Secretary Kim (June, 2018)

Lee Joon-ki and Seo Ye-ji for Lawless Lawyer (May 12)

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