K-Drama Reaction: My Ahjussi | Episode 11

“I’m forcefully holding on to a heart that wants to fly away.”

~ Park Dong-hoon

One thing I appreciate most about My Ahjussi is the realness of the characters, especially Park Dong-hoon. He’s a good guy, yes, but he is not a saint. He controls his temper most of the time but it is inevitable for one to reach his limit.

Likewise, I appreciate how PDnim shaped the genuineness of the people surrounding the Earnest Ahjussi. They are sculpted with different layers and it’s intriguing to watch as they peel it off one by one.

My Ahjussi‘s beauty, for me at least, is how it portrays the human emotion in a simple yet honest way. It depicts how we can be sad and happy, angry and caring, broken and brave at the same time. With this, let’s dive into My Ahjussi Episode 11 by looking at the top five scenes which showed the beauty and complexity of one’s feelings.

The Calm

It’s no doubt that Dong-hoon has been feeling lost and his tunnel is getting darker as the episodes go by. He find himself heading to the temple and spending the day with his childhood friend, Monk Gyeom-duk.

Gyeom-duk explained to the Earnest Ahjussi that he is the biggest reason why he entered the temple, he knows he’ll never be better than the diligent Dong-hoon but his friend will feel cheated by life in the end. Dong-hoon argued that he thought if he sacrificed himself, life would go on just fine. But Gyeom-duk silenced him with a hard hitting, “I suppose you want to call it a sacrifice because you worked your ass off yet you accomplished nothing, and you’re not happy either…I like how you rationalize your crappy life.” He furthered that Dong-hoon should not live a life he wouldn’t want for his son.

It’s refreshing to hear a monk telling someone to be shameless and focus on himself because people are allowed to do that.

The Waves

The next day after his enlightening visit to the temple, Dong-hoon stormed into CEO Do Joon-young’s office and confronted him on their deal that Yoon-hee must stay oblivious of the fact that he already knows about the affair. Dong-hoon’s vision turned black, screamed at his boss and punched him in the face.

I could not have been more satisfied how Joon-young was reminded of his place. He could have find a way out, giving an excuse that his meeting with Yoon-hee was merely given malice, but he’s aware that Dong-hoon is serious with his threat that he’ll destroy him.

The Storm

And just when we think Dong-hoon had let his emotions flew, he cornered us with a heartbreaking scene after Yoon-hee apologized to him. The two were trying to put band-aids on their relationship and doing what normal couples do but everyone knows that it won’t work.

The way that Yoon-hee knelt on the floor and repeatedly say I’m sorry is remarkably real. She didn’t explain why, she never mentioned a word about cheating or affair and just apologized over and over again yet you can feel her guilt, pain and shame.

Dong-hoon’s outburst is of another level that I actually forgot actor Lee Sun-kyun even exists and just saw a husband who is pained, bleeding and damaged by what his wife did. The way he yelled and punched through their bedroom door felt like the freeing of all his bottled emotions. His lines are piercing that it’ll ring in your mind and haunt you. He went, “How could you do that…as soon as you cheated on me with that bastard you pronounced me dead. Because you thought it was okay for me to be treated that way. That was you saying that I’m worthless and I should just die.”

The Rainbow

Dong-hoon may be in a bleak tunnel now but his breaking down finally tore down the Stoic Agassi’s walls. The way Ji-an slowly teared up when halmeoni was asking how Dong-hoon was is a proof that she now cares about another person aside from her grandma, it is a validation that she now feels the pain of another human and can finally sympathize.

Ji-an’s tears are pure that it’ll tug your emotional strings as she cries while telling grandma it’s because she is happy for having someone like Dong-hoon.

The Moon and The Sun

This character is the one that I’m most intrigued about. There’s a poignant and dreamy look in his eyes every time he appears on the screen which makes me even more curious about him. The way he tells Dong-hoon that he’s allowed to be selfish and be happy just added more spice on why I want to know more about him. Specifically, his relationship with Jung-hee.

When Gyeom-duk turned silent after hearing Jung-hee’s voice and when his eyes felt lonelier, it validated my thoughts that she is special to him. Jung-hee’s emotional breakdown in a previous episode is like that of the blinding rays of the sun, and this time, Gyeom-duk showed his feelings like the solitude light of the moon. Creeping, silent and haunting.

He may not have said anything but his silence speaks a lot when he stayed a few minutes outside Jung-hee’s bar. He loves her, there’s no doubt about that. He just loves his vocation more.

Tipsy Findings

Here’s another song from My Ahjussi‘s OST, Adult by Sondia.


Tipsy’s fave line:

I thought I was in enough pain
But I guess there’s still a lot left

❤ With emotions flaring high and the skeletons out in the closet, I’m wondering how Dong-hoon will stay true to his word of destroying Joon-young and what part Ji-an will play into this. Let’s find out on episode 12.


~ Tipsy Ahjumma

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