West Meets East: Top 10 English Songs Used in K-Dramas

The term language barrier never existed to us K-Drama drunkards. May it be watching the latest episodes without a sub or singing Korean OSTs with all of our hearts. It never mattered if we get the lyrics wrong nor if we are out of tune. But from time to time, the K-Drama gods bless us, international fans, with tracks that we can jam to in an instant, mansae!

Though there are numerous English songs used in Korean dramas, let me list the 10 of my favorites.

How It Happens by After Romeo (Chief Kim)

Tipsy’s Fave Line:

I know we’ll meet each other someday. Until that happens, I’m doing fine with just me.

It’s You by Henry (While You Were Sleeping)

Tipsy’s Fave Line:

You’re the right time at the right moment.

Run To You by Lasse Lindh (Angel Eyes)

Tipsy’s Fave Line:

With you, everything seems so easy. With you, my heartbeat has found its rhythm.

24 Hours by Mayu Wakisaka (Age of Youth)

Tipsy’s Fave Line:

Before you make up your mind, I will wake up and pack all my memories.

Cross My Mind by Twin Forks (It’s Okay, That’s Love)

Tipsy’s Fave Line:

Why don’t you stay for a while, it’s been too long since I smiled. 

Across the Ocean by New Empire (Uncontrollably Fond)

Tipsy’s Fave Line:

In coming home, we find we have all we need. In coming home, you’ll find you have all you need.

Step, Step by Suran (Jealousy Incarnate)

Tipsy’s Fave Line:

Oh, so live your life shining like a star. And I’ll be your moonlight.

Glass Bridge by Savina & Drones (The Bride of Habaek)

Tipsy’s Fave Line:

Then we cross a bridge for over million troubles to meet. Nothing is easy.

If by Elsa Kopf (One More Happy Ending)

Tipsy’s Fave Line:

If I’m still feeling blue, as you sometimes do, would you say to me that I was in your heart all along?

Hush by Lasse Lindh (Goblin: The Lonely and Great God)

Tipsy’s Fave Line:

Maybe someday you’ll wake up alone without me. But don’t cry again, I’ll be waiting here.

Special Mention: Uncontrollably Fond‘s A Little Braver, It’s Okay That’s Love‘s The Ship and The Globe, You’re My Best Friend, Age of Youth‘s On Your Collarbone, Goblin‘s And I’m Here and Bubblegum‘s Because I.

❤ Do you have other fave English songs used in K-Dramas? Share the love ahjummamshies!

~ Tipsy Ahjumma

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5 thoughts on “West Meets East: Top 10 English Songs Used in K-Dramas

  1. I scrolled down your list to find “Days and Moons” – another song by Elsa Kopf from JTBC’s drama”My Beautiful Bride”, but it’s nowhere to find. Such a great and poetic song. One of the best English ost I’ve come across.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Aww yeah, that’s actually in my draft top 10 💖 there’s another english song in My Beautiful Bride, Stay by Steelheart and it’s also nice. Thanks for stopping by!


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