First Impressions: Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food, Suits, Mistress

The onslaught of new dramas is proven too overwhelming for me that’s why I’ve decided that instead of giving my first impressions based on the first two and four episodes of the new tv offerings, I will now do it based on pilot episode alone. Okay, let’s start!


Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food
Network: jtbc
Genre: Romance, Melodrama
No. of Episodes: 16 episodes (60-75mins)

I’m not pretty sure if my review of the pilot episode of this new jtbc drama would still do you any help because, yes, it’s in its 10th episode now, and you must have already realized whether you like it or not by this time (with the aid of Grumpy Ahjumma’s drama reactions), still I would like to give my two cents on this May-December romance.

Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food is a series that explores the relationship between two people as they go from being just acquaintances to a genuine couple. It stars respected actress Son Ye-jin and rising actor Jung Hae-in. The first episode successfully introduced us to our main characters and also managed to give us a preview of the heart-fluttering romance that’s in store. I particularly like the ‘womance’ between best friends Yoon Jin-ah (Son Ye-jin) and Seo Kyung-seon (Jang So-yeon) that they even call themselves husband and wife. But nothing beats the chemistry between Jin-ah and Seo Joon-hee (Jung Hae-in) whose simple interactions are already making me blush. I love the songs used and the moody cinematography.

Verdict: I find Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food somewhat reminiscent of 90s Hollywood romance films and that’s not a letdown. These are the type that doesn’t have complex stories and relies on the main couple to keep you watching.


Network: KBS
Genre: Legal Drama
No. of Episodes: 16 episodes (60 mins)

From one to another excellent pairing–Jang Dong-gun and Park Hyung-sik, our dashing duo in Suits.

I’m not an avid watcher of US series so I came to watch this adaptation with no expectations other than it would be about lawyers. But to provide you a background, Suits is about legendary lawyer Choi Kang-seok (Jang Dong-gun) and rookie lawyer Go Yeon-woo (Park Hyung-sik) who has a photographic memory. Honestly, legal talks tend to drown me in confusion, so I was pleasantly surprised that I enjoyed the pilot episode, big thanks to the interesting characters. Park Hyung-sik has all the potentials of becoming a great actor of his time written all over his face as he excellently portrayed the genius Yeon-woo who can remember anything he has read and came across. Jang Dong-gun is as fine as ever taking into the character of the lawyer who knows how to play his cards well. I’m also loving the strong female characters in these series like Kang Ha-Yeon (Jin Hee-kyung) who owns the law firm and Hong Da-ham (Chae Jung-ahn), who unlike other secretary characters in dramaland, knows her worth and can get around things to get what she wants.

Verdict: I totally enjoyed Suits‘ first episode but I’m kind of worried about where the story will be taking us. The pilot episode introduced us to the main characters but it failed to explore their goals and motivation, leaving us guessing what would be this all about. Or maybe, that’s what makes it engaging because we don’t know what is to happen but we’re definitely curious to find it out.


Network: OCN
Genre: Mystery, Thriller
No. of Episodes: 12 episodes (60 mins)

First of all, this drama is not suitable for the young audience. So if you’re under the legal age, you might want to pick up Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-joo and have a rewatch. Mistress revolves around the story of four women in their 30s and the series of murders they found themselves involved in. It’s based on the British series of the same name.

The biggest impression Mistress‘ pilot episode left me is that it’s a little too racy, especially for a Korean drama. No wonder this has got an R-19 rating. It’s got a lot of sex scenes which are depicted vividly and looks like there’s more to come. But I what I like about this drama are the characters who have different characteristics and different stories. We’ve only given snippets of their backgrounds but count me HOOKED. My only complaint is the director’s confusing use of flashbacks. I was really having a hard time figuring out which timeline came in first and then which came next. The last scene where we saw our girls trying to ‘clean up’ an apparent murder scene left me perplexed. I need to watch the second episode, I guess.

Verdict: I don’t know how faithful Mistress is to the original material, but it has all themes you would expect from a British drama, namely sex and violence. If you’re in for some mystery and thriller, then this one could be perfect for you. Just make sure you don’t watch this in a public space.

Busy Ahjussi Ranking:

  1. Suits
  2. Mistress
  3. Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food

What have you watched so far?


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