K-Drama Reaction: A Poem a Day | Episode 8


Favorite Poem of the Episode


It’s a universal truth: We go on with our daily lives wearing a mask. We smile to conceal our pain and sorrow; we say we’re okay even when we’re hurting inside. And when we’re finally alone, in our moment of solitude, that’s when we cry our hearts out.

The story behind Kim Yoon-joo’s divorce

We’ve always known Dr. Kim Yoon-joo (Lee Chae-young) for her sass and straightforwardness, but this episode has shown another layer to her character.

Right from the very start, we know that she’s a divorcee and she’s not afraid to admit it. But now we know what really happened after she accidentally bumped into her ex-husband (cameo by Go Se-won) at the hospital who happened to be taking care of his pregnant wife, who’s now her patient.

Yoon-joo and her husband was the perfect couple, full of love and affection towards each other. But then one day, Yoon-joo asked for divorce saying she’s no longer happy with him. Little did he know that Yoon-joo’s actual reason was her incapacity to conceive a baby.

And that’s what I felt so sad about. That Yoon-joo chose to endure it all by herself that she didn’t only lose the chance to have a child, but she also lost the man she really loved.

And just many of us who try to put on a strong facade in our weakest times, Yoon-joo pretended to be cool about it when in reality, her heart was shattering inside.

Who will admit his feeling first?

And while Yoon-joo consciously tried to hide her true feelings, we’ve got two guys who seemed to find it hard to come to terms with their feelings.

Min-ho (Jang Dong-yoon) definitely knew he likes Bo-young (Lee Yu-bi) but was too prideful to admit it. Who can blame him when he was the one who confidently warned  Bo-young not to fall in love with him, but ended up falling in love with her instead. However, if he keeps his denial game, he should be ready to lose very soon because Dr. Ye Jae-wook (Lee Joon-hyuk) seemed to be way ahead of him when it comes to capturing Bo-young’s heart.

We didn’t know yet if Dr. Ye has finally fallen for Bo-young, but we’re all aware that she’s indeed special to him. I like that he’s the snobbish type is very kind to our crybaby therapist. That ‘dating’ scene filled me with envy as I watched them stroll along a beautiful park looking like a very happy couple.

And just like an ordinary person who did petty things because of love, I found it kinda cute when Dr. Ye tried to get back on Min-ho by embarrassing him with truths he’d rather wanted to be kept hidden.

And the restroom scene where he gave himself an advice about not interfering with other’s business made him very charming.

Looks like Dr. Ye really isn’t in touch with his emotions.

Is it over for Chief Yang?

I can understand why Chief Yang (Seo Hyun-chul) was so rattled after hearing he’s up for replacement. He’s already aged and it would be hard for him to find another job any soon. And you can’t blame him if he opted for a resignation even when Dr. Ye clarified that he won’t take the position because who wouldn’t find it hard to accept that you’ve only got to keep a job upon someone else’s request and not because you deserve it.


This is the first time I’ve seen the main actress made a cameo appearance in her own show. LOL.

Don’t tell me they’ll be back together?

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