K-Drama Reaction: Wok of Love | Episodes 5-6

I did not see that coming!!! The one with lymphoma was not Sae-woo (Jung Ryeo-won), it’s her beloved Buster! Just as I was about to rave how much I’ve fallen for Buster already because of his cute voice overs, the show decided to reveal that he is the one with terminal illness and thus, needs surgery and chemotherapy. Poor Buster, I hope he will have a longer life so we (and Sae-woo) will get to spend more time with him.

Wok 5-6 (6)

Wok 5-6 (7)

Wok 5-6 (10)

From Mr. Gangster to Mr. Light real quick

Ain’t Chil-sung (Jang Hyuk) just too cute to be smitten at his age? 😍 I love how he kept on explaining that the meaning of “Lights and Shadows” private loan to Sae-woo, but our bubbly heroine has a different interpretation of the business name. For Chil-sung, light represent the debt and shadow means they won’t let you sleep peacefully until you’re done paying back the loan. They will follow you like your own shadow. But for Sae-woo, the loan company became the “light” that will save her from misery… and that the 10,000 dollars will fund the surgery that will save Buster’s life.

Wok 5-6 (11)

Wok 5-6 (12)

Wok 5-6 (13)

Kitchen disaster!

The only reason why Chil-sung agreed to lease out the restaurant to Poong (Junho) was because he wanted his minions to learn how to cook and eventually start their own business without his guidance. He wanted his underlings to understand the value of food, and how through this Chinese restaurant, they will start opening up to other people and live a more normal life.

But that won’t be an easy path since everyone will start from scratch. As we have witnessed in this hour, every single one struggled in the kitchen, and no one really respected Poong as the head chef. The boys were all just stubborn little punks who wanted everything their way.

I am excited for what’s in store for these thugs and I hope we get to see their character development really nicely. I can’t wait to see the day when they all blend together in the kitchen working and complementing one another. It’s going to be a tough road for Poong to lead his restaurant to success, but with this new team, I know he will eventually make it!

Wok 5-6 (1)

I admit I still a bit confused with some characters and their connections in this dramaverse, I’m ready to invest my feelings in this drama, especially after seeing that epilogue. I’m so excited for the next episode because I wanted to understand how everyone’s lives will knit together into one world – the world of Hungry Wok.

Wok 5-6 (16)

Wok 5-6 (15)

Wok 5-6 (14)


So is Poong now an official member of Big Dipper Gang? LOL!!!! I didn’t expect these brodies to drag him to the tattoo shop and get him his own wings! Hahaha

Wok 5-6 (2)

My gosh, Sae-woo is just the sweetest, most thoughtful chaebol daughter ever. She is raised well. I hope her father would get out of jail soon.

Wok 5-6 (1)

Wok 5-6 (2)

Wok 5-6 (3)

She likes them both!!!! I CAN’T BREATHE! 💕

Wok 5-6 (4)

Wok 5-6 (5)

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