Park Bo-gum to possibly be our ‘Boyfriend’ in new drama

Another casting offer has been sent to Park Bo-gum (Moonlight Drawn by the Clouds)!

This adorable actor is currently in talks to star in the upcoming drama Boyfriend where he is offered to take on the role of Kim Jin-hyuk, an ordinary person who is looking for a full-time job but keeps on getting rejected. This will prompt him to go on an overseas trip where he will meet a special woman.

Boyfriend will revolve around the story of a wealthy woman who will fall in love with an ordinary man. It will be penned by Yoo Young-ah who is also the brains behind dramas Bel Ami and Entertainer, and films Take Off 2 and My Annoying Brother. The airing schedule, broadcast network, and director are still not confirmed as of writing.

Aside from Boyfriend, Park Bo-gum is also looking at an offer to star in the upcoming SBS drama People of Incheon Airport.

<< Suzy, Park Bo-gum courted for People of Incheon Airport

One thought on “Park Bo-gum to possibly be our ‘Boyfriend’ in new drama

  1. Waaaaait…. If the writer is the one from Entertainer, I’m feeling ambivalent about this news. That drama was cringe worthy despite big time actors and kpop idols starring in it. I hope this one isn’t a let down flop of a drama. 😕


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