K-Drama Reaction: Switch | Episodes 25-26

This is the part I hate the most in K-dramas.

Wanted: Sa Do-chan

Sa Do-chan (Jang Geun-suk) was devastated by his father’s death. The usual calm and smart con artist fell into Geum Tae-woong’s (Jung Woong-in) trap so easily. His impulsive move to attack this evil power-greed man was so out-of-character but given the grief he felt, I think even the calmest of people will act the same. I hate it that he is being treated as a criminal when the real bad person is being protected as a victim.

Grizzly’s Sins

Speaking of the fake victim, details of how Do-chan’s father got involved with the murder of Grizzly’s wife was revealed. Geum Tae-woong really intended Sa Ma-chun as his fall guy. It wasn’t a coincident at all. I have given him enough benefit of the doubt but he really is just pure evil. I was hoping he was doing it for revenge of some sort or he wants to be in power because he knows what it felt to have none. But I was so wrong. He is greedy and he doesn’t care who he kills to realize his goals.

Also, his son finally discovered the identity of his biological father. I’m excited about this development as I always wanted him to be the chess piece that would bring down the King. I know he would eventually come around and be on Sa Do-chan’s side.

The Entrapment

Sa Do-chan seems to be a trap in a hopeless situation but he bounced back immediately. With the help of his well-trusted squad, Oh Ha-ra (Han Ye-ri) and his lookalike Baek Joon-soo (Jang Geun-suk), they come up with a plan to catch the elusive Grizzly. They are not there yet but him surrendering means Joon-soo and Ha-ra are same from vicious eyes of their superior and the media.

Of course, our hero would sacrifice himself for the sake of their goal. But there is another hero on the rise. Joon-soo kept on saying that only one Baek Joon-soo should remain. This stresses me out so much. I want the two of them until the end. His words seem to be a foreshadowing of a potential sacrifice he wants to do. (I don’t want that!!!) I think the story could still have them together after all this mess are cleared up.

Maknae’s Episode Verdict

This is the part I hate the most in K-dramas. The penultimate scenes that mostly make the main characters suffer. I have to concede the dramagenies are a bit nicer to Ha-ra, Do-chan, and Joon-soo. I’ve witnessed more gruelling scenes before that even the most tragic death in this series didn’t make me blink. Anyway, I know Sa Do-chan will find a way to beat Geum Tae-woong but what I am excited about is how he would do it. This series has proven it could give you shocking plot twists in the most unexpected way.

Dongsaeng’s Episode Verdict

-He looks like James Bay at my featured photo lol.

-This OST!!!


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