K-Drama Reaction: Wok of Love | Episodes 7-8

I am still lost in the middle of this dramaverse! HALP mEEE. 😂 Why are Master Wang  (Im Won-hee) and Chae Seol-ja (Park Ji-young) together, and why do they seem to grow apart (and not even recognize each other) two years after?? Why are there two Lee Mi-sook characters?? LOL. Why are Park Ji-young and the rich Lee Mi-sook friends from the 90s, but live very different lives at the present day?? WAEEEE!

Anyway, going back to the story, I hate that Poong (Junho) had to suffer from harsh treatment from his ex-wife and her new thug-ass lover. That phone call was torture. He told her that he won’t be waiting for her anymore, and all she said was ‘Thank you’!

Wok 7-8 (1)

I am so glad we won’t stretch Buster’s cancer ordeal! And I am even happier that our Sae-woo’s (Jung Ryeo-won) dearest best friend survived his surgery. Now give him some pickled radish!

Wok 7-8 (10)

Now that Poong’s new kitchen team is slowly gaining ground, I can’t wait to witness awesome kitchen dynamics and more food porn!

Wok 7-8 (2)


This cute ahjussi is so squishy!!!! Crushing on someone at 40 years old.

Wok 7-8 (11)

Why does this ship give me very #SaveMe vibe?

Wok 7-8 (5)
Well, no one can really deny Jung Ryeo-won’s ageless beauty…

Chil-sung’s (Jang Hyuk) relationship as a father figure-slash-hyungnim to his gangster minions is the best. He looks after them even until bed time.

Wok 7-8 (6)

But what I’m looking forward no is Chil-sung and Poong’s love-hate bromance… Seems like gum peddler ahjumma’s prediction will soon come true.

Wok 7-8 (9)

Is it just me or Sae-woo is so much happier when Chil-sung is around? They keep on bickering but Sae-woo seems to be more comfortable with him than with Poong.

Wok 7-8 (3)

Wok 7-8 (4)

Or maybe because Poong has yet to start the fire between him and Sae-woo? Hmmmm we’ll see!!!

Wok 7-8 (7)

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